Driveway and Ramp De-icing

Heat Mat’s external heating systems can be used beneath virtually any surface for automated ice and snow clearance. A number of exterior heating cables are available to protect ramps, driveways, car parks, pavements, steps, loading areas and bridges. Tyre tracks can be heated on long driveways to minimise running and installation costs. If used in conjunction with specialist thermostats they provide a fully automated heating system.

System includes:

  • Outdoor heating cable.
  • Driveway heating system thermostat.
  • Ground temperature and moisture sensor.

Features and benefits:

  • Fully automatic clearance of ice and snow.
  • Improved safety for vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Programmable controllers monitor temperature and moisture levels for energy efficiency.
  • Reduce damage to asphalt and concrete surfaces.
  • Save labour and material costs during ice and snow clearance.
  • Protect grounds from salt pollution.
  • For normal installations it is recommend an output of around 270 W/m².
  • Independently control two separate areas of heating via a single thermostat.
  • Once installed the systems are maintenance free.


Exterior heating cables can be installed using Heat Fix metal fixing strips or cable-tied onto reinforcement mesh.

- Specialist cables for hot asphalt:

Specialist cables designed for hot asphalt are available and can be laid directly beneath tarmac. A standard cable can also be used but it will need to be covered with a minimum of 10 mm of sand and the asphalt cooled before laying. The asphalt layer should be a minimum of 55 mm thick.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_70_60_36_27 Electric cable underfloor heating elementsPrimary


T90/475 Underfloor heating systems

T90/63 Underfloor heating systems

Specification data - Electric cable underfloor heating elements

Product Reference

Driveway and Ramp De-icing

Heating element

In-screed hot asphalt cable

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To be specified by manufacturer.

Power requirement

200 W/m²

270 W/m²

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To be specified by manufacturer.


Programmable with temperature sensor

Programmable thermostat with temperature and moisture sensor

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To be specified by manufacturer.

Standard product features

Technical details:

- Driveway heating cable:

  • Supply voltage: 230 V (±10%).
  • Output range: 1.05–4.25kW.
  • Maximum load: 55 W/m.
  • Standard range: 21–85 m.
  • Coldtail lead: 5 m double insulated cable.
  • Wire thickness: 10 mm.
  • Cable flexibility: Minimum radius 100 mm.
  • Ingress protection rating: IPX7.
  • Inner insulation: 0.8 mm silicon rubber.
  • Outer insulation: Robust PVC UV resistant.
  • Sacrificial insulation: PVC 1.2 mm.
  • Earth protection: 100% aluminium earth shield.
  • Cable reinforcement: Fibreglass strands.
  • UV stability: Confirmed UV stable, not suitable for open air use
  • Fixing materials: Choice of methods available.

- 10.8 kW Thermostat:

  • Supply voltage: 120/230V ±10%, 50-60 Hz.
  • Temperature range: 0 to +5°C.
  • Working range: -20 to +5°C.
  • Built-in timer snow melting/afterrun: 1-6 hours.
  • Output relay: 3 x 16A potential free relay.
  • Two zone application: Output is 2 x 16A potential free relay
  • Water based system: Controlling a 3 or 4 way valve, primary pump, secondary pump
  • Display: Graphic and with backlight.
  • Ambient operating temp: 0 to +50°C.
  • Mounting: DIN-rail mount.
  • Housing and cover: IP20.
  • Dimensions: 170 x 162 x 45 mm.
  • Red (fault indication) and green (on) LED status indication.

- Ground temperature and moisture sensor:

  • Mounting: Outdoor area.
  • Housing: IP68.
  • Operating temperature: -20 to + 70°C.
  • Dimensions: 32 mm high, 60 mm diameter.

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