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Suitable for structural bonding of glass, metal and other building components.


  • Install the backing material, setting blocks and spacer tapes.
  • Apply DOWSIL 895 Sealant in a continuous operation using positive pressure to properly fill and seal the joint.
  • Tool the sealant with slight pressure to spread it against the backing material and joint surfaces.


Dowsil 895 Structural Glazing Sealant is a one-part neutral curing silicone sealant. It can be used to adhere stiffening elements to building panels and for other similar adhesive applications. Neutral alkoxy cures at room temperature on exposure to water vapor in the air, giving off a small amount of methanol.

Features and benefits:

  • Meets European standard for structural glazing as developed by EOTA working groups.
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including coated, enamelled and reflective glasses and polyester coated aluminium profiles and stainless steel profiles.
  • One-component product.
  • Odourless and non-corrosive cure.
  • Excellent stability through wide temperature range: -50°C to 150°C.
  • Resistant to ozone.
  • The cured product exhibits excellent weathering characteristics, and a high resistance to ultra-violet radiation, heat and humidity.
  • High tensile strength makes it ideally suited for structural bonding applications.
  • Optimal glazing conditions: temperature +5 to +40°C and humidity 40 to 95%.


  • Clean all joints and glazing pockets, removing all foreign matter and contaminants such as grease, oil, dust, water, frost, surface dirt, old sealants or glazing compounds and protective coatings.
  • Metal, glass and plastic surfaces should be cleaned by mechanical or solvent procedures.
  • Test adhesion prior to use.
  • Specific primer recommendations will be on a project basis. Please contact manufacturer for details.

General information






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H13/115 Structural glass assembly

Specification data - Silicone glazing compounds and sealants Enhanced data


To ISO 8339.

Third party certification

CE Marked, SNJF VEC, Vi-VEC.


Neutral cure.

Tensile strength (MPa)

As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.

0.7 MPa.

At 100% elongation.

Specific gravity

As supplied: 1.43.


As supplied.

0 mm.

Tear strength

As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.

19 kN/m.

Elongation at break


As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.


H-piece testing.

1.0 MPa.

Hardness (shore A)

As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.

38 points.

Dynamic loading

As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.

140 000 Pa.

Static load resistance

H-piece testing.

7 000 Pa.

Service temperature range

As cured after seven days at 25°C and 50% RH.

-50 to +150°C.

Shelf life

12 months.

When stored at or below 30°C in the original unopened containers, DOWSIL 895 Structural Glazing Sealant has a usable life of 12 months from the date of production.

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