Doorman smoke shaft door operator

Doorman is an electromechanical door release operator, designed to provide a safe and reliable actuation system for use in smoke ventilation of commercial and residential properties. It has been designed to be applied where doors are used as part of a smoke control scheme to allow passage of smoke and fume in corridors into smoke shafts.

Its robust mechanism ensures doors stay locked when not in use but open when required. Its modular design allows ease of installation. A local control module and power supply removes need for fire rated cables / UPS / battery backup systems.

General information
Specification data - Occupancy detectors

Product Reference

Doorman smoke shaft door operator

Power supply

230V AC

24V DC

Standard product features

Door size:

There's one standard size for all doors - 790mm wide (door height would then need to be 2150mm to meet Approved Document B). A "ColtShaft" option allows for the narrower doors that are used on these systems, suitable for doors 600mm wide and above.


  • Each Doorman consists of an individually addressable and controllable door actuation system which communicates back to a central control panel, which then communicates to the main fire system that contains smoke detectors and break glass switches.
  • Each Doorman includes the door operator, communication module and is all packaged to allow easy installation on site.
  • As the system is modular this provides extreme flexibility in configuration and operation.


  • During normal, non-fire conditions, the communication/ control module is monitoring the network for alarm signals.
  • Upon receipt of a fire signal the main Colt control panel establishes which door (or doors) needs to be opened. It is normal for this control panel to also send signals to any smoke ventilators installed in the building, for example at the top of the shaft or stairs.
  • The relevant door (or doors) is signalled to open. Upon receipt of this signal the door operator opens the door.
  • Doors on floors above remain closed even in the event of power failure or fire damage to cables.

Attributes/ testing:

  • Designed to be installed on any door 750 mm wide or above.
  • Suitable for door weight (maximum): 40 kg.
  • Size envelope (width x height x depth plus arm): 800 x 200 x 100 mm.
  • Opener tested to EN 12101-2.

Third party certifications
  • SGS: SK11/1243 - Manufactured to ISO 9001:2008
  • SGS: SK14/2096 - Manufactured to ISO 14001:2004