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Designo wooden loft ladder

Designo wooden loft ladder

Third party certifications:
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Premier Loft Ladders Ltd

High strength and highly insulated wooden loft ladder, available Passivhaus certified and manufactured to BS EN 14975.

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The Designo wooden loft ladder perfectly balances aesthetics with strength and quality. Available as a certified Passivhaus loft ladder (by the Passivhaus Institute).

The three-part folding heavy-duty wooden loft ladder is contained within, and attached to, an insulated wooden hatch box. It offers excellent energy efficiency (0.60 W/m²K) thanks to a highly insulated trapdoor with six-point locking mechanism providing a class 4 certified airtight seal.

It is also fitted with the patented WDL sealing and insulation tape, which provides a perfect seal between the hatch box and building and saves time during installation.

Features and benefits:

  • Wooden folding loft ladder.
  • High strength load rating (180kg per tread).
  • Available with Passivhaus (Passive House) certification.
  • Highly insulated trap door / hatch box (U-value: 0.60 W/m²K).
  • Class 4 certified airtight seal.
  • Available made-to-measure to suit specific project requirements.
  • Includes handrail and anti-slip treads to provide comfort and safety.
  • Supplied with a two-year full warranty and a ten-year parts warranty.
  • Low maintenance with excellent durability.
  • Supplied ready to install.

General information
Uniclass 2015
Pr_25_30_85_36 Hardwood loft laddersPrimary

L30/41 Loft ladders

L30/421 Loft ladders

Specification data - Hardwood loft ladders
Product Reference

Designo Wooden Loft Ladder

Floor-to-ceiling height

Special order

2300–3300 mm; insert requirement.

Hatchbox/ trapdoor -
Size (l x w)

1200 x 600 mm

1200 x 700 mm

1300 x 700 mm

1400 x 700 mm

Special order

Insert requirement, available 1200–1600 x 550–800 mm. Minimum length of 1400 mm for ceiling heights greater than 2800 mm.


200 mm


Special order

Insert requirement, available 190–710 mm.

Passive House Certified

Not required


Minimum hatch box depth of 290 mm.



Additional handrail

Right-hand side only.

Upper loft hatch (Designo DD)

Combined U-value 0.29 W/m²K. Requires minimum depth of 670 mm.

Three side upper level guard rail

Standard product features

Load bearing capacity (per tread):

180 kg.

Tread size:

330 x 80 mm.

Hatch box/ trapdoor:

  • Material: Timber.
  • Hatch box and trapdoor constructed from 18 mm thick laminated wood.
  • U-value: 0.60 W/m²K.

Third party certifications
  • BS EN 14975
  • DIN 4570
  • Passive House: Certified by the Passive House Institute : Requires minimum hatch box depth of 290 mm
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