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Deadweight Mobile Anchor


Deadweight anchor point providing protection against falls from height for one person. It ensures the safety of operators when servicing and maintenance works are being carried out on dry/ wet roof, bitumen coating, PVC or EPDM.

It is the ideal solution when it is technically impossible to fix mechanically on the existing support. This freestanding system requires no drilling operation on the roof and its design allows a simple and quick installation preserving the roof’s watertight membrane in optimal condition. This anchor point is ideal on flat surfaces with slopes ≤5°. It must be installed 2500 mm from the edge of the roof. Compliant with BS EN ISO 795.

Features and benefits:

  • Quick installation.
  • Economical solution.
  • Removable and immediately reusable.
  • Can be installed close to the intervention zone.
  • Plastic counterweights are reusable for installation of freestanding guardrail Select Access® on the building perimeter.
  • Uniform contact pressure on roof that meets the requirements of the French standard DTU 4.3.1.

General information


Anchorage point: Stainless steel

Support legs: Aluminium


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N25/20 Single point anchorage devices

N25/220 Single point anchorage devices

Specification data - Structural anchors

Product Reference

Deadweight Mobile Anchor

Anchorage point colour

Insert RAL colour requirement.

Standard product features


  • Anchorage point: Stainless steel.
  • Support legs: Aluminium.

Ballast weight:

500 kg.


2982 mm.

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