Recessed glass flush plate.

Features and benefits:

  • Black glass with two light fields to show a full and half flush.
  • Touchless operation – simply wave in front of the plate.
  • Flushes automatically if the user moves away without flushing.
  • Can be used with DB580 concealed frames; however, it is not suitable for use with DB581 as the seat can cause problems with the flush by covering the sensor.
  • Used for high-quality washrooms.
  • A 220 V power connection is needed to connect to the 9 V transformer.
  • Transformer included in the package.

General information


154 x 238 x 11 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_20_93_89 WC cisternsPrimary


N13/10 WC pans and flushing arrangements

N13/15 Urinals and cisterns

N13/300 WCs and cisterns

Specification data - WC cisterns

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Standard product features


154 x 238 x 11 mm.

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