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Dales Domestic gutter offers attractive appearance, longevity and economy.


A wide range of standard components are available, however, as manufacturers, Dales Fabrications Ltd are able to offer purpose made components to suit individual project requirements.


Consult manufacturer for recommendations.

Specification data
Product Reference

ST-01-000-X Strongline gutter

System finish -

Gloss powder coat

Available at standard rate for most colours.

Matt powder coat

Available at standard rate for many colours. Consult manufacturer for details.

Satin powder coat

Non-standard for most colours; a surcharge will usually apply. Consult manufacturer for details.

As drawing ___


BS 4800 ___

House colour ___

Metallic ___

A surcharge will apply. Satin and gloss finishes generally have an additional surcharge. Consult manufacturer for details.

RAL ___

As drawing ___

Fittings -

Not required

ST-05-090-E 90° external corner

ST-05-090-I 90° internal corner

ST-05-135-E 135° external corner

ST-05-135-I 135° internal corner

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice


ST-04-076-D 76.2 mm round outlet

ST-04-076-S 76.2 mm square outlet

ST-04-101-D 101.6 mm round outlet

ST-04-101-S 101.6 mm square outlet

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Stop ends

ST-03-000-L left hand stop end

ST-03-000-R right hand stop end

As drawing ___

Contractor's choice

Joint straps


Standard product features


  • Gutter length: 3 m.
  • Profile: 138 x 104 mm.


  • Gutter: 2.47 L/s.
  • 76.2 mm round outlet: 2.26 L/s.
  • 76.2 mm square outlet: 2.82 L/s.


Type: Polyester powder coat.

Product Options


Texture: Gloss, matt or satin. Cost is dependent upon the colour/ texture combination selected, and the quantity required. Consult manufacturer for details.


Ranges: Around 200 colours are available, taken from the BS 4800 and RAL ranges, a House range and a range of Metallics.

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