Daikin Applied D-AHU Modular

Daikin Applied D-AHU Modular

Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd

The Daikin Applied Modular series is designed to minimise energy costs over their entire service lives. The features of this series deliver considerable economy, ensuring rapid payback of investment.

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Daikin Applied’s Modular series come in pre-defined sizes and are available as indoor or outdoor versions. This means that modular systems can be designed and installed in a variety of applications.

With an operating range of -25°C (-40°C with electric heaters) to +43°C, they are suitable for any European climate. Our air handling units are wired at the factory and are also pre-commissioned, with each unit’s software tuned and the set points already established.

On site, all that is required is to plug the system into the power supply, connect any pipes and wires, and switch the unit on. 

Features such as Constant Air Flow (CAV) or Pressure control (VAV), economy mode, night time operation and time scheduling all deliver considerable overall savings. 

Like all our air handling units, the Modular series are compatible with all common heating and cooling equipment. They are extremely user-friendly due to their full compatibility with ITM and all other Daikin Applied equipment.

Fully compliant with the new ECO-Design Lot6 requirement EU1253-2014.

Included in object:

D-AHU Modular Size 1 - 1700x 720 x 1320 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 2 - 1700 x 820 x 1320 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 3 - 1800 x 990 x 1540 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 4 - 1920 x 1200 x 1740 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 5 - 2080 x 1400 x 1740 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 6 - 2280 x 1400 x 1920 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 7 - 2400 x 1600 x 1920 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 8 - 2450 x 1940 x 2180 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 9 - 2280 x 1940 x 2460 mm
D-AHU Modular Size 10 - 2400 x 2300 x 2570 mm

General information


RAL 9002 Standard, others available on request


Modular, compact, air flow control by measuring at inlet nozzle, easy commissioning, nominal airflow programmed at factory,silent operation,premium effiency IE4 rated motors, eurovent certified


Pre-coated steel as standard, others available on request.


Anodized aluminium frame, double skin galvinized panels




1700x 720 x 1320 mm


12 month from delivery as standard, with extended warranty available on request.

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