A cost-effective solution for where both a handrail and wall guard are required as a combined system. Ideal for healthcare environments where pedestrian support is required in addition to protection against severe impact, Dual Rail has been developed to meet the guidelines in Health Building Note (HBN) 00-04, BS 8300 and Building Regulations (E&W) Approved Document M and Approved Document K, with the aim to help specifiers and building owners meet their duties under the Equality Act 2010.

The D200T option of Dual Rail features a timber handrail, a PVC-U wall guard and stainless steel accessories. All PVC-U covers and accessories are non-reflective, through coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impacts and abrasion. The wide choice of colours and finishes offers the flexibility to contrast the wall guard from the handrail and the handrail from the wall. The handrail element should be selected in a contrasting colour to the wall finish to aid movement around a building for visually impaired people.

General information


Handrail: Timber

Wall guard: PVC-U cover with aluminium retainer

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_43_86 Wall protection panelsPrimary


L30/580 Proprietary handrails

L30/70 Proprietary handrails

N10/184 Wall rails

P20/170 Proprietary

P20/55 Proprietary

Specification data - Wall protection panels

Product Reference





401 Ash

402 Oak

403 Maple

406 Sapele

Wall guard

Insert requirement from 'Options' below.




Inside corner.


Outside corner.


Mounting bracket.


Universal return.

Standard product features

Size (h x d x l):

220 x 109 x 4000 mm.


  • Handrail: Timber.
  • Wall guard: PVC-U cover with aluminium retainer.

Handrail grip diameter:

45 mm.


Mechanical (screw) fixed.

Product Options

Wall guard colour:

001 Chalk (LRV: 87.51), 002 Gravel (LRV: 53.71), 003 Clay (LRV: 33.86), 004 Granite (LRV: 24.07), 005 Shale (LRV: 17.88), 006 Ivory (LRV: 81.98), 007 Wicker (LRV: 70.36), 008 Sand (LRV: 52.26), 009 Sienna (LRV: 26.67), 010 Bark (LRV: 16.61), 011 Pebble (LRV: 59.08), 013 Greige (LRV: 38.97), 014 Cinnamon (LRV: 42.30), 015 Lavender Grey (LRV: 37.18), 016 Glacier (LRV: 59.27), 017 Bluebell (LRV: 36.50), 018 Azure (LRV: 45.14), 019 Ultramarine (LRV: 27.39), 020 Denim (LRV: 16.91), 021 Straw (LRV: 75.21), 022 Apricot (LRV: 60.68), 023 Meadow (LRV: 54.63), 024 Bamboo (LRV: 54.74), 025 Emerald (LRV: 29.53), 027 Melon (LRV: 38.00), 028 Poppy (LRV: 16.31), 029 Garnet (LRV: 10.43), 030 Iris (LRV: 18.61), 031 Alum (LRV: 71.91), 032 Flint (LRV: 43.70), 033 Slate (LRV: 7.03), 035 Hessian (LRV: 35.79).

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