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Curved Timber Battens - Steam Bent Timber

Curved Timber Battens - Steam Bent Timber


Our curved timber battens allow designers and main contractors to create buildable, affordable solutions for their curved concepts.

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Interior only. Our curved timber system is extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of applications such as transitions between walls and ceilings, or impressive bulkheads.


Our curved timber integration into our Timber Click-on Batten system combines simple, fast installation with either of our curving options – Steam Bending and Kerfing.

Timber profiles are moulded in our Australian factory with a specially designed groove in the back which serves as the interface between the batten and our patented clip connections. These clips are provided pre-fixed to mounting tracks, which are quickly installed on-site before the battens are clicked into place.

Suitable for interiors only our process takes the traditional art of steam bending timber and applies it on a larger commercial scale. Through a process of steaming and heating, the timber can be formed to the required shape without resistance. After the timber is held in place for the cooling period, it maintains the curved timber form.

Our curved timber manufacturing methods allow designers to create large scale curves in the beauty of natural timber. Seamless transitions between planes such as a wall and ceiling provide a unique handcrafted aesthetic on a commercial scale.

We can manufacture curved timber on such large scale by combining the bending process with our Timber Click-on Battens System. The benefits of the established system carry across, ensuring customisation and fast, accurate installation.

General information


Due to the steam bending process, we offer a limited range of timber species of coatings in our curved range. As with our entire range of products, custom solutions are available. Hydro-flex water-based lacquer with a premium UV top coat. Available in stabilizing oil finish (Cutek Euro) or Rubio Woodcream.

Stabilizing oil finish (Cutek Euro)

Rubio Woodcream.


Available in Rubio Clear and clear stabilizing oil finishes. Timber is a natural material and colour variations are inevitable. 



American White Oak

American Ash

Spotted Gum


Not every profile in our standard range is available for steam bending due to profile and size constraints. The species chosen can also make a difference to the profiles available. Refer to the steam bending parameters table to confirm. Block and dome profiles available. Bent in concave and convex directions relative to the dovetail groove.




Typically up to a maximum of 32mm material thickness, and a maximum perimeter length of 2.0 meters.

Various sizes available.


The period and terms of the warranties are divided into the four (4) categories below. Your project may include one or more of the following categories. Sculptform – Timber Products: Internal Applications – 7 years. External Applications – 5 years. Sculptform – Aluminium Products: Internal Applications – 15 years – Up to 25 years available on request. External Applications – 10 years – Up to 25 years available on request.

Internal Applications – 7 years.

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Ss_30_25_22_90 Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems


Ss_25_25_45_90 Timber board wall lining systems

Specification data - Unit/ modular suspended ceiling systems Enhanced data

Ceiling support

Mounting tracks

Ceiling units

Steam bent timber battens


Concave means “hollowed out or rounded inward” and is easily remembered because these surfaces “cave” in. The opposite is convex meaning “curved or rounded outward.” Both words have been around for centuries but are often mixed up.


Transition radii (top/ bottom):

Each radius requires specialised equipment (formers) in order to produce the curved timber battens. To save on costs, we offer a range of radii as standard. Any custom radius within the parameters can be achieved, contact us to discuss your specific project requirements. The most important restriction with steam bent timber is the radius of the curve. Each timber species and profile combination performs differently when curved.



While steam bent timber lessens the number of joins required for a curved application, some joins are still required.



Aligned joins maintain the join line throughout the wall or ceiling, ensuring consistency. Staggering the joins in the curved timber can lessen the disruption to the aesthetic, making it a perfect option for a ‘seamless’ look. 2 – 3 alternating curved battens are supplied, allowing the joins to be located at different locations which helps to blend the join line. The length of your required curved battens could affect your ability to achieve this. 



Our curved timber process limits the lengths of timber achievable. The maximum length achievable is 2000mm, where the minimum length is 1300mm. This can be trimmed on-site to suit requirements.



While the steam bending and cooling process ensure the timber will hold the curve, grain and density variations can affect the overall curve. This is unavoidable due to the natural variation in timber.


Environmental information

Country of material origin

Raw materials (timber) from USA and Australia.


Country of product manufacture



Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Sculptform - Feature Wall & Ceiling Systems

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Scultpform - Company Brochure.

Case studies

Arkadia Apartments, NSW

Arkadia Apartments, NSW