Curved Cavitray On Plan

Curved Cavitray On Plan

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Preformed, curved cavity trays for curved walls for use at various levels and applications.

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A preformed curved damp proof tray with integral stop end and water check for use with concave or convex curved cavity masonry.

Concave or convex cavitrays in four types to suit generic applications:

  • Curved common openings – window and door openings, usually with a curved lintel. This type is accommodated by a curved version of the Type C cavitray.
  • Curved arresting barriers – similar to common openings but the base leg of the cavity tray does not project through to the outside of the masonry leaf. The function of the arresting barrier is to arrest and minimize any water wash above features intruding wholly or partly into the cavity, e.g. over the top of a horizontal cavity fire barrier or full fill cavity insulation. This type is accommodated by a curved version of the Type Q arresting barrier.
  • Curved horizontal intersections – Modified versions of the Type G general purpose cavitray are available for use at horizontal intersections with a curved wall. A typical application is the abutment of a bay window.
  • Curved sloping abutments – The intersection of a pitched roof against curved masonry is complex necessitating a three dimensional approach – satisfied by individually angled versions of the Type X gable abutment cavitray.


  • Ready to use, custom made module cavitrays to suit project specific configurations.
  • Cavity width adjustment ensures compatibility.
  • Available with attached lead flashing.

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Modules are purpose made to suit individual projects. Cavity Trays Ltd requires the submission of dimensioned elevations and plans showing the curved masonry and any abutting roofs. The company will be pleased manufacturer can to advise on suitable product designs and any need to damp proof and flash the curved abutment.


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_57_21_66 Preformed cavity traysPrimary


F30/370 Preformed cavity trays

F30/385 Junction cloaks/ stop ends for preformed dpcs/ cavity trays

F30/56 Preformed cavity trays

Specification data - Preformed cavity trays Enhanced data

Third party certification

To BS EN 12588

Lead flashing to BS EN 12588 1.75 mm or 1.8 mm blue colour code (equivalent to BS 1178 code 4).



To fit cavity width

50 mm.

75 mm.

100 mm.

140 mm.

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Curved Cavitray On Plan


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Third party certifications

  • Quality Assurance - certficate : CE European Technical Approval applies to specific models

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