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A fixed brise-soleil system, comprising extruded aluminium aerofoil blade sections, available in seven sizes.

General information


Pr_30_59_09_15 Carbon steel brise-soleil unitsPrimary


H11/130 Sun screens

L10/670 Brises-soleil

Product range

CS Airfoil Solar Shading Systems

Specification data - Carbon steel brise-soleil units

Product Reference

CS Airfoil® Fixed Solar Shading












As drawing ___



Mill finish

Polyester powder coated


Not required

Syntha Pulvin, BS ___

Syntha Pulvin, RAL ___

Syntha Pulvin, Metallic ___

Non-standard colour, ___




Birdsmouth support fixings

Direct end support system

Compound angle fixing bracket end support system

Parallel off-set fixing bracket end support system







Not required

Aluminium closing plates

For use with birdsmouth support fixings.

Stainless steel closing plates

For use with birdsmouth support fixings.

Standard product features


  • Extruded aluminum alloy blades in grade 6063-T6.
  • Standard lengths: Up to 6000 mm. Other lengths are available, subject to minimum quantities.
  • All Airfoil® blades incorporate screw ports within the extrusion, allowing self-tapping screws or bolts to be passed through supporting end plates and into the end of the blades. This method of fixing is strong enough to support the blade even at its maximum span.
  • A range of blade support fixings are available for fixing to a supporting structure (by others).
  • All fixing brackets are pre-drilled for use with specific sized fixings.

Product Options

Blade sections:

- AF-100:

  • Dimensions: 100 x 20 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 1676 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 2661 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-150:

  • Dimensions: 151 x 30 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 2386 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 3787 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-200:

  • Dimensions: 203 x 38 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 2971 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 4716 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-270:

  • Dimensions: 270 x 50 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 3562 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 5654 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-320:

  • Dimensions: 320 x 53 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 4030 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 6397 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-380:

  • Dimensions: 380 x 66 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 4895 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 7771 mm (0.50 kPa).

- AF-430:

  • Two-part blade.
  • Overall dimensions: 430 x 70 mm.
  • Blade span/ wind load: 5175 mm (2.00 kPa) up to 8215 mm (0.50 kPa).

Mounting options:

- Birdsmouth support fixing:

  • Extruded aluminium birdsmouth brackets provide a simple fixing system for the blades.
  • Suitable blade sections: AF-150, -200, -270 and -320.
  • Angle options: 45° or 90°.
  • Standard bracket widths: 50 mm for AF-150 and 100 mm for AF-200, 270 and 320 blades.
  • Suitable for facade or cantilevered mounting.
  • Can be vertically or horizontally mounted.
  • End closing plates are required.
  • The support structure is by others.

- Direct end support system:

  • Stainless steel Direct End Fixing Plates.
  • Suitable blade sections: All.
  • Standard angle options: 45° and 90° (30° is available for facade mounting, and 60° is available for cantilevered mounting on special request).
  • Fixing can be back to the building facade via support steelwork run vertically or cantilevered arms providing horizontal support.
  • The support structure is by others.

- End support fixing:

  • Stainless steel Compound Angle Fixing Brackets are used at corner details and facetted elevations. Parallel Off-set Fixing Brackets are used on straight runs.
  • Suitable blade sections: AF-150, -200, -270, -320, -380 and -430.
  • Standard blade angle: 45° (30° and 60° angles are available on request).
  • Fixings incorporate blade closing plates.

Custom designs:

  • Customized units, using standard blades and laser cut end support plates or brackets can be produced for individual applications.
  • Non-standard blades can be extruded, subject to minimum quantities.


  • Standard finish: Polyester powder coated to one of the stock colours from the Syntha Pulvin range (including many RAL and BS colours).
  • Non-standard options: Syntha Pulvin metallic polyester powder, specially formulated polyester powder colours, mill finish or anodized.


  • A range of screws, expansion collars and rivets are available for all fixing configurations.
  • Fixing to support steelwork/blockwork/brickwork by others.


Closing plate, designed for use with birdsmouth support fixings. Available in aluminium or stainless steel.


CS Airfoil Solar Shading Systems

CS Airfoil Solar Shading Systems