CS Acrovyn® Sheet


A through-coloured, and durable sheet material used for protecting walls, doors and other interior surfaces from impact damage.

  • Impact and abrasion resistant to protect interior walls from damage and wear & tear.
  • Through-coloured and textured to effectively hide scratches and abrasions.
  • Available in 2 mm thickness in Pebblette texture.
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, making it suitable for hygiene sensitive environments.
  • Available in 30 solid colours, six Faux Wood and three Faux Metal finishes as standard to meet aesthetic and visual contrast requirements.
  • Easy to cut, form and shape to suit a multitude of applications.
  • Easy to maintain.

General information


Acrovyn® Sheet is a through-colour, impact resisting product

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_14_62 Plastics sheet wall claddingsPrimary


K13/145 Proprietary plastics cladding

M50/150 Sheeting

N10/10 Purpose-made

N10/110 Purpose-made

P20/170 Proprietary

P20/440 Decorative facing

P20/55 Proprietary

P20/70 Decorative facing to

Specification data - Plastics sheet wall claddings

Product Reference

CS Acrovyn® Sheet


2.0 mm


Faux Metal

Select finish from manufacturer's literature or obtain samples for accurate colour matching.

Faux Wood

Select finish from manufacturer's literature or obtain samples for accurate colour matching.


Select colour from manufacturer's literature or obtain samples for accurate colour matching.

As schedule



Finishing Options

Bullnose Edge

Edge Trim

Hot welded joints

Mastic Joints

Standard product features


Acrovyn® Sheet is a through-colour, impact resisting product.

Typical applications:

  • Where there is a need to protect wall surfaces in public areas, including health, education and leisure centres, commercial, retail and transport areas, hotel and restaurant kitchens etc.
  • Fully custom formable, Acrovyn® Sheet can be used to provide impact protection to doors, door frames, reception desks, columns and nib walls.

Impact resistance:

Acrovyn® Sheet is a highly durable, textured material, designed to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion. Impact tested to BS EN ISO 6603-1:2000.

Fire performance:

  • Acrovyn® Sheet complies with the requirements for Class 1 surface spread of flame, with a Class 0 designated surface as defined in the Building Regulations and as tested to BS 476 -7.
  • Acrovyn Sheet has been tested to BS EN ISO 11925-2:2002 and BS EN 13823:2002 and classified according to BS EN 13501-1:2007+A1:2009 as class B-s3, d0.

Chemical, fungal and bacterial resistance:

  • Acrovyn® is formulated to resist most commonly used chemical solutions.
  • Acrovyn® Sheet does not propagate the growth of bacteria or fungi on a clean surface. However, the anti-microbial properties of the product do not negate the need for a rigorous cleaning regime. Tested to BS EN ISO 846: 1997.

VOC emissions testing:

Acrovyn® Sheet has achieved M1 Emission Classification of Building Materials when tested in accordance with ISO 16000 series principles.

Thermal performance:

  • Acrovyn® will expand and contract in the order of 0.07 mm/ m for every one degree Celsius rise or fall.
  • It is important to allow for this at sheet edges, joint positions etc., when adhering the sheeting.

Site preparation and fixing:

  • The use of contact adhesive is recommended for installation.
  • Acrovyn® Sheet can be thermoformed on site.

Product Options

Acrovyn® Sheet:

  • Standard sheet sizes: solid colours - 2440 x 1220 mm; Faux Wood/Faux Metal - 3000 x 1250 mm.
  • Custom sizes within given dimensions are available.

Solid colour:

  • Texture: Pebblette.
  • Colours: 11 Alpine Blue/ 12 Cobalt/ 16 Harvest Gold/ 17 Sherbet/ 23 Spring Green/ 24 Dove/ 26 Taupe/ 34 Zest/ 100 Eggshell/ 101 French Cream/ 105 Mocha/ 108 Black/ 112 Pacific Blue/ 129 Yale Blue/ 136 Pearl Grey/ 162 Charcoal/ 223 Danube/ 520 Imperial Purple/ 801 Grey Cloud/ 845 Spectrum Red/ 879 Dusty Jade/ 933 Mission White/ 949 White/ 4005 Plum/ 5018 Lagoon/ 6033 Mint Turquoise/ 7024 Graphite/ 7039 Iron/ 8019 Earth/ 9003 Snow White.

Faux Wood and Faux Metal finishes:

Texture: Pebblette.


Faux Wood: 02 Maple/ 03 Beech/ 36 Bleached Oak/ 38 Smoked Oak/ 39 Wenge/ 40 Burnt Oak; Faux Metal: 06 Brushed Aluminium / 80 Brushed Nickel / 07 Carbon.

Finishing Options:

  • Bullnose Edge - Acrovyn® Sheet can be supplied with an optional bullnose edge.
  • Hot Welded Joints - Welding rods are available in all solid Acrovyn® colours.
  • Mastic Joints - CS Mastic is available in all solid Acrovyn® colours.
  • Trims - Edge Trims are available in all solid Acrovyn® colour.

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