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  • Designed for the treatment of organic growth on interior and exterior undecorated and previously decorated surfaces.
  • The product is a surface treatment and does not provide preservation properties to any substrate.
  • Applied by brush only.


A concentrated, water-based fungicide solution for the treatment of organic growth. Approved under the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 for use as directed. HSE Certificate No. 5383.

Features and benefits:

  • Single application coating system for normal fungicidal growth.

General information



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M60/170 Masonry coating

Specification data - Fungicidal solutions Enhanced data

Third party certification

Control of Pesticides Regulations 1966: HSE Certificate No. 5383.



Sodium hypochlorite 4.6%w/w (50 g/L).

Product Reference

Fungicidal Solution

Drying time

24 hours, then rinse with clean water and allow to dry.

Number of coats

Generally: One application; Severe growth: A second application may be necessary.


Normal surfaces: 20–30 m²/L when diluted; Textured surfaces: Varies down to 10 m²/L (approximately) when diluted. Depending on surface suction.