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Coping - Flat, Once Weathered, Twice Weathered, Profiled, Radius On Edge and Bespoke

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Procter Cast Stone

High quality coping stones for walls in both traditional and contemporary designs.

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+44 (0)113 286 3329 www.proctercaststone.co.uk

An ideal choice for new and existing walls. Replacing natural stone wall copings with cast stone for a restoration project is a more cost effective and quicker option over natural stone. Proctor Cast Stone can expertly replicate and accurately colour match as the texture and finish of cast stone is so authentic, so that the end result will look almost indistinguishable from natural stone. Typically our copings are used in residential, commercial, parks & recreation along with civils work such as flood defence. As with all our projects we are happy to accommodate bespoke designs.

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Coping - flat & throated

1000 x 350 x 50 mm, 40 kg.

Coping - 1 x weather & throated

600 x 315 x 75/50 mm, 32 kg.

Coping - 2 x weather & throated

600 x 315 x 75/50 mm, 32 kg.



Cheshire Red

Dark Portland

Light Portland

Light Yorkshire

Millstone Grit

Millstone Light


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A wide range of coping stone styles are available to suit wall thickness - consult manufacturer's literature and insert size/ design requirements.

Third party certifications
  • BS 1217
  • UKCSA approved