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CoolStream R rooftop evaporative cooler

CoolStream R rooftop evaporative cooler

Colt International Ltd Third party certifications:
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Rooftop unit incorporating evaporative cooling, heating, ventilation and heat reclaim.

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CoolStream R uses the proven Colt CoolStream technology to provide a complete air conditioning solution over the entire year: cooling, heating, heat reclaim, air filtration and ventilation are all combined within one product. Installed on the roof to save large amounts of space inside.

CoolStream R is suitable for the air conditioning of larger industrial, semi-industrial and commercial spaces. There are various filter classes and types of heaters (warm water, gas or electric) with different capacities to choose from. As a result it can be configured to meet the requirements of many kinds of projects.

Features and benefits:

  • Evaporative cooling is up to 90% efficient. CoolStream R units consume around only 5 kW electricity and 140 L/h for 18 000 m³/h (5.0 m³/s) fresh cooled air and 70 kW cooling power.
  • EC fans boost efficiency.
  • Minimal energy use, low operating costs.
  • Simple and reliable technology.
  • Large number of equipment options.
  • Space-saving installation on the roof with easy access for servicing.
  • High air quality: uses 100% outside air for cooling.
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.
  • No refrigerants (e.g. CFCs) used for cooling which are harmful to the environment.
  • Highest degree of hygiene. Integrated water quality control system and tested to and in compliance with VDI 6022.
  • Controlled by highly intuitive and simple Colt Cortiva controls, either through a web browser or as an app on a smart phone or tablet.

General information

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CoolStream R rooftop evaporative cooler




Warm water

Heater size

40 kW

63 kW

100 kW


Single stage, class F7

Single stage, class G4

Single stage, class M5

Standard product features

Air volume:

4.4–5.6 m³/s depending on type.


Double-walled casing, panel galvanized steel with 200 μm plastic coating on both sides; inside completely smooth, cold-bridge free insulation using fire resistant 44 mm mineral wool.


Two centrifugal fans with EC motors and 0–100% variable speeds.


5.0 kW, 400 V, three phase.

Cooling power (@ 35°C, 30% RH):

64.5–76.5 kW depending on type.

Nominal heater power:

40/ 63/ 100 kW depending on type.

Maximum sound power level at air inlet:

86 dB(A): can be reduced by reducing the fan speed.

Maximum sound pressure level at 10m free field:

31 dB(A).

Dimensions (l x w x h):

3675 x 1400 x 1830 mm.

Overall weight:

825–950 kg (depending on the type of heater selected).


Colt Cortiva.

Product Options

  • Additional supply air using a Colt Coltair system.
  • Supply air adapter for a Coltair size 09.
  • Recirculation air adapter for a Coltair size 09.
  • The Colt natural/ mechanical ventilation extract product range.


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Complete Listing of Colt Literature

Third party certifications

  • Labor Dr. Rabe : Tested and certified compliance with the VDI 6022 hygiene standard