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Mobile shelving designed to comply with BS 4971:2017 (Conservation and care of archive and library collections). Includes Bruynzeel shelving and storage systems mounted on Bruynzeel Compactus® mobile carriages with Turn-Handle operation. Static racks can be mounted on bases to maintain an equal height line throughout.


- Mobile carriages:

  • 40 x 150 x 40 x 2.5 mm cold rolled steel. Incorporates guide wheels and the appropriate number of running wheels.
  • Static bases match the mobile carriages in height, construction and appearance.
  • Rubber buffers will be fitted between all carriages. Floor stops will be fitted at all static racks.

- Running rails:

Galvanized cold rolled steel, 60 x 14 mm, with a plain, flat surface and levelled to 1:1000. Flush fixed in concrete during construction or surface mounted with surrounding infill flooring.

- Grout:

If used, non-shrink grout below rails, with a compressive strength of C25/30 (B35) or higher.

- Shelves (Bruynzeel Sysco):

Manufactured from un-oiled and certified Steel, and safe-edged for protection. Un-perforated load surface to comply with BS 4971:2017. Supported on four clips. Painted prior to being formed to ensure the shelves are 100% epoxy powdered.. Uprights have a face dimension of 30 mm and load capacity of 800 kg with a slot pattern which permits vertical shelf adjustment in increments of 20 mm.

- Drawers:

Factory welded construction with integral handles. Drawers run on telescopic slides with captive roller bearings.

- Filing cradles:

Factory welded construction with integral handles. Cradles run on telescopic slides with captive roller bearings - safely supports a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 35 kg/m.

- Operation:

Carriage movement by rotating ergonomic 3-SPOKE drive handle mounted at the end of each carriage. Handles will have Spinner knobs to allow continuous operation. Positive drive ensures a smooth, even movement of either individual or multiple racks. The system is designed to allow all racks in a “bank” of mobile carriages to be moved simultaneously from one handle.

- Safety:

  • Safety aisle locks to be fitted to every carriage.
  • Optional Torque Limiters or safety slipping clutches (for heavily loaded systems) to prevent the over-winding of the handle when the system is closed and locked, to safeguard the mechanisms and prolong system life.

- Optional Aisle lighting:

Environment-friendly, integrated LED lighting system to automatically switch on and off, and provide in-aisle lighting to required LUX levels.

CE certified.

General information

Shelving: RAL 9002 (Grey white); Carriage: RAL 7016 (Anthracite)


Epoxy-polyester powder coated to DIN 55690 SP-EP


Dry and oil-free steel, certified to quality standard BS EN 1013

Uniclass 2015 Office storage units (Pr_40_30_78_57)
Specification data
Product Reference

Compactus Original XTR Mobile Shelving

Shelf loading

Insert requirement, 155 kg (maximum) without use of reinforcement bar.

End panel colour

RAL 4006 Traffic purple

RAL 4009 Pastel violet

RAL 5024 Pastel blue

RAL 6016 Turquoise green

RAL 6034 Pastel turquoise

RAL 7002 Olive grey

RAL 7026 Granite grey

RAL 7030 Stone grey

RAL 8004 Copper brown

RAL 9002 Grey white

RAL 9005 Jet black

Fine texture.

RAL 9006 White aluminium

RAL 9010 Pure white



Aisle lighting

Aisle lighting with UV filter

Compartment clamp

Dividing bars


Elba Pendel frame

Floor lock

l’Oblique /TUB frame

Label holder


Multi-purpose drawer

Pull-out frame

Pull-out shelf

Roller front doors

Shelf perforated 2 rows

Shelf perforated 3 rows

Sliding book support

Sliding doors

Steel partition panel

Torque limiters

ZT Pendel frame



Standard product features


Dry and oil-free steel, certified to quality standard EN 1013.


  • Epoxy-polyester powder coated to DIN 55690 SP-EP. Average layer thickness: 35 µm.
  • Shelving: RAL 9002 (Grey white).
  • Carriage: RAL 9005 (Jet black).
  • Folded or boxed sections are powder coated before being formed, to ensure every surface, both inside and outside, is completely coated and totally protected. Pre-galvanized steel is not used.


- Shelf supports:

Shelves are supported on four clips, concealed within the flange of the shelf. Shelf height is easily adjusted without tools or specialist skill.

- Bracing/ Cladding:

Cross-bracing or Back-cladding is fitted to the spines of the shelving to maintain stability.

- Lateral filing bars:

Fitted to the underside of shelves to allow suspended lateral filing, supports a UDL of 35 kg/m.

Product Options

End panels:

Fitted to the operating end of each rack, the end panels will have A5 Perspex label holders (one per single rack, two per double rack).


  • Compartment clamp: To keep rows of books or documents upright. U-shape for shelving systems, cabinets and racks with 200, 250 or 270 mm depth. W-shape for shelving.
  • Dividing bars: Creates open barred compartments.
  • Drawer: Store smaller goods and office supplies either loose or packed. The drawer may be divided into a number of sections.
  • Elba Pendel frame: Store documents in Elba/Leitz/Pendex suspension pocket files.
  • Floor lock: Central locking system with a key installed on the last mobile. To lock the total system and protect confidential material.
  • l’Oblique /TUB frame: Store documents in I’Oblique suspension pocket files.
  • Label holder: To identify aisles.
  • Multi-file: Multifunctional suspension file for A4 documents. Suitable for both under-shelf filing and filing in pullout frames. 1 file for V-, 15.
  • Multi-purpose drawer: To preserve storage of fragile and sensitive objects, which need to be protected against dust and light.
  • Pull-out frame: Store documents in several types of suspension pocket files. The files are accessible from above.
  • Pull-out shelf: Can be used as a writing desk, work table or temporary storage of smaller goods.
  • Roller front doors: Convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.
  • Shelf perforated: For use with solid dividing bars or steel partition panels to create sub-compartments.
  • Sliding book support: To keep rows of books or documents upright. Can be locked in any position.
  • Sliding doors: Convert open shelving units and racks into closed modules.
  • Steel partition panel: Used to create closed compartments.
  • Torque Limiter: Prevent the over-winding of the handle when the system is closed and locked.
  • ZT Pendel frame: Store documents in Jalema/ZT suspension pocket files.

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