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Comfortable Concrete 2.0

Tufted, level loop pile carpet tile in Nylon 6 fibre, available in a range of designs and colours.

CE marked with a 15-year wear warranty.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_57_11_62 Pile carpet tilesPrimary


M50/130 Carpet tiling

M50/15 Carpet tiling

Specification data - Pile carpet tiles

Product Reference

Comfortable Concrete 2.0


Laid Bare

Urban Drama

Urban Poetry


See 'Options below and insert requirements.


Comfort Plus²® 90% recycled polyurethane cushion backing



Standard product features

Tile size:

500 x 500 mm.

Pile height:

3.3 mm.

Total thickness:

10 mm.

Total weight:

4100 g/m².

Tuft density:

155 000 per m².

Technical properties:

  • Flammability (to BS EN 13501-1): Cfl–s1.
  • Use classification (to BS EN 1307): Class 33 Heavy Commercial Use.
  • Impact sound resistance (to ISO 140-8): 33 dB.
  • Castor chair (to BS EN 985): Class A Intensive use.
  • Flammability (Radiant Panel to ASTM-E-648): Class 1.
  • Flammability (Hot Metal Nut Test to BS 4790): Low Radius of Char.
  • Sound absorption (to ISO 354): 0.3 Class D.

Installation method:


Product Options


Each design comes in a range of colours; consult manufacturer's literature for details.

- Laid Bare:

  • LDB06-118-13 Venue.
  • LDB06-27-13 Metro.
  • LDB111-31-108 Façade.
  • LDB133-153-180 Quarter.
  • LDB138-133-131 City.
  • LDB215-13-180 Whisper.
  • LDB220-06-180 Aura.
  • LDB236-174-180 Tinted.
  • PLLDB06-118-13 Venue.
  • PLLDB06-27-13 Metro.
  • PLLDB111-31-108 Façade.
  • PLLDB133-153-180 Quarter.
  • PLLDB138-133-131 City.
  • PLLDB215-13-180 Whisper.
  • PLLDB220-06-180 Aura.
  • PLLDB236-174-180 Tinted.

- Urban Drama:

  • UDR133-109-05 Currant Red.
  • UDR133-126-05 Slate Blue.
  • UDR133-134-05 Mustard Yellow.
  • UDR133-137-05 Berry Pink.
  • UDR133-141-05 Moss Green.
  • UDR133-190-05 Amber Glow.
  • UDR133-212-05 Mountain Grey.

- Urban Poetry:

  • UPY05-111-180 Sherbet Lemon.
  • UPY05-172-180 Frosted Mint.
  • UPY05-215-180 Ethereal Grey.
  • UPY05-219-180 Iced Vanilla.
  • UPY05-221-180 Powder Blush.
  • UPY05-242-180 Dusted Lilac.
  • UPY05-245-180 Chalked Blue.

Third party certifications
  • CRI: Green Label Plus certified
  • GUT: GUT certified
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