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Comar 5P.i VSW



  • PAS 24:2012.
  • Secured by Design.

General information


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L10/25 Aluminium windows

L10/330 Aluminium windows

Specification data - Aluminium window units

Standard product features


  • Thermally efficient Polyamide Insulation (P.i) thermally broken aluminium vertical sliding window system, designed for new or refurbishment projects.
  • Slim aluminium profiles maximize glazed area.
  • The aluminium profiles are extruded separately, then rolled together with 22 mm polyamide strip providing an extremely effective thermal break to ensure that buildings are kept warm in the winter and cool in the summer.
  • Frames are constructed with mitre joints with an inserted spring-loaded Monticelli cleat.
  • The slide and tilt function of both sashes is created through Torso Balances which are designed to suit the window size and glass specified. The Torso Balances are installed into specifically designed chambers to allow smooth operation.
  • Glazing is achieved using specific EPDM gaskets and internal beads, which snap-fit and create a water-tight barrier.
  • The window has a sash lock mechanism, which maintains security and provides trickle ventilation, and a lockable restrictor at 100 mm increments.
  • Weather performance is provided with brush and bubble seals to the whole perimeter of each sash. An additional buffer seal is incorporated into the outer frame to increase weather resistance.

Opening width (minimum):

  • 500 mm.

Wind loading (maximum):

  • 2800 Pa.

Product Options

Frame options:

  • A range of frame sizes are available to suit the application.

Combinations and integration:

  • The Comar 5P.i VSW can be coupled together to form multi-light configurations.
  • For integration into a framing system, a specially extruded coupler can be used to integrate Comar 5P.i VSW into Comar 2 Window Walling.

Sash dimensions (maximum):

Load chart based on 28 mm (6/16/6) double glazed unit, and a wind loading up to 1670 Pa. Seek advice for applications exceeding maximum size limitations.

  • Sash widths: 750–1450 mm.

- Upper sash sliding (frame CS444):

  • Sash heights: 745–1800 mm.

- Lower sash sliding (frame CS442):

  • Sash heights: 1055–1800 mm.

- Upper sash sliding/ tilt (frame CS444):

  • Sash heights: 705–1495 mm.

- Lower sash sliding/ tilt (frame CS442):

  • Sash heights: 705–1495 mm.


  • A dual colour option is available: The internal and external faces of the profiles can be polyester powder coated in all RAL or syntha pulvin colours as well as anodized or Sandolar shades.

Glazing Options:

  • Both panels and glass can be incorporated into Comar 5P.i VSW using specific beads and gaskets for options between 22–32 mm.

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