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Cold Bitumen Gritting Adhesive is a cold applied, solvent-based black bituminous adhesive for bonding mineral aggregate to mastic asphalt or built-up felt roofing. It is ready to use and is ideal for bonding chippings to roofs that are flat or of low pitch, up to a maximum of 1:80 fall. The product must not be diluted or heated.


  • Ideal for bonding chippings.
  • Immediate resistance to rainfall.
  • Can be applied to damp surfaces.


Complies with BS 144-3: 1970.

General information

Ideal for bonding chippings

Immediate resistance to rainfall

Can be applied to damp surfaces

Uniclass 2015 Cold-applied bitumen solutions (Pr_35_31_68_16)
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Cold Bitumen Gritting Adhesive

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