Clicwall® FR


Wall cladding installed onto a range of substrates including metal or wooden studs, wooden frame or wooden slats attached directly to the wall. Suitable for projects in retail, hotel, holiday homes, modular units, office, senior homes, education, etc.

Clicwall FR can be used in non humid conditions (service class 1).

Clicwall FR 10 mm (thickness) conforms to Euroclass B-s2,d0; 12mm results in Euroclass B-s1,d0.


Wall-cladding system composed of PEFC MDF 10 mm thick core, finished with a resistant melamine top layer and a resistant melamine counter layer. Each panel has a tongue on one long side and a groove on the other long side so they can be clicked together. The short top and bottom sides have a smooth square edged finish. The UNILIN patented Uniclic system ensures a seamless connection.

Features and benefits:

  • Fast assembly with click system (up to five times faster than traditional wall-cladding systems such as plasterboard).
  • Virtually seamless.
  • Splash proof.
  • UV resistant.
  • Scratch-resistant.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Immediately finished.
  • MDF (EN 14322).
  • A wide selection of designs.
  • Tongue and groove.
  • Perfect for intensive use.
  • Formaldehyde content to EN 120: < 8 mg/100g DS.
  • Pentachlorophenol (PCP) content to BS EN 13986-5.18: < 5.
  • Complies with the European fire-rated standard B-sd, d0. The MDF core is red in colour and cannot be visually distinguished from the standard ClicWall® collection.

Fire resistant composition:

  • EI60 (RF60) for non-load-bearing dividing wall.
  • Baseboard: Anti-flame 12 mm.
  • Mineral wool insulation 40 mm (35 kg/m).
  • Substructure: Metal stud 50 mm.
  • Sealing: PE50 tape.

General information



Consult manufacturer for options.



Melamine faced non-structural MDF board.




2785 x 600 x 10 mm

2785 x 618 x 10 mm

2785 x 600 x 12 mm

2785 x 618 x 12 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_97_22 Decorative laminated plastics sheet veneered panelsPrimary


K13/160 Proprietary

K13/160 Proprietary

K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K13/145 Proprietary plastics cladding

K13/145 Proprietary plastics cladding

Specification data - Decorative laminated plastics sheet veneered panels Enhanced data

Reaction to fire

To BS EN 13501-1, Class B-s2d0.

Clicwall FR 10 mm is conform Euroclass B-s2,d0.

To BS EN 13501-1, Class B-s1,d0.

Clicwall FR 12 mm results in Euroclass B-s1,d0.

Finished thickness

10 mm.

12 mm.


Tongued and grooved.


Consult manufacturer for options.

Product Reference

Clicwall® FR


22 N/mm².

To EN 622-5.

Formaldehyde emissions


EN 13986-table B1.

Sound absorption

0.10-0.20 α.

To EN 13986 - table 10.


0.13 W/m.K.

EN 13986 - table 11.

Biological durability

Class 1.

Water vapour permeability

12 µ -20 µ.

Wet - dry.

Panel size

2785 x 600 x 10 mm.

2785 x 600 x 12 mm.

2785 x 618 x 10 mm.

2785 x 618 x 12 mm.

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