Cityflor® Warm Roof Living Roof System

Cityflor warm roof living roof waterproofing systems for extensive/intensive/biodiverse/modular green roofs, protected terraces, podia and balconies. The anti-root technology has proven long-term resistance to root penetration, fertilisers and insecticides and withstands intensive landscaping finishes applied during and post construction. Cityflor includes Air and Vapour Control Layers (AVCL), tapered/flat board thermal insulation, underlayers and heavy-duty, root resistant, SBS polymer modified bitumen capsheets self finished in various colours for a versatile and robust finish.

  • Cityflor is BBA certified, accepted by third party building warranty providers (eg LABC, NHBC) and complies with The Building Regulations and relevant British/harmonised European standards.
  • Approved Document B: Fire Safety compliant
  • Root penetration resistant (FLL & EN 13948)
  • Robust trafficable surface (6.5mm thick)
  • Torch-on, self-adhesive or flame free application
  • ISO 9001 & 14001 accredited

General information


A minimum 50 year design life expectancy (BS 8747), available with a 25 year guarantee

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