Chromatics Monolithic Spandrel Panels

Chromatics Monolithic Spandrel Panels

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Lightweight, shatterproof safety glass spandrel panel, designed for use in curtain wall systems as an insulated glass unit (IGU).

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Can be used in various applications, including:

  • Curtain walling.
  • Spandrel panels.
  • Lookalike panels.
  • Exterior cladding.


Lightweight, shatterproof, thermally safe, A2 fire rated safety glass spandrel panel, which is a laminate of glass, colour or print and aluminium. Manufactured to be accommodated within conventional curtain wall systems.

Can be specified to BS EN 12600 1(B)1. The product is rated A2-s1, d0 in reaction to fire performance to EN 13501-1: 2007 and A1: 2009.

Features and benefits:

  • Certified to EN 1542: 1999: Integrity of laminates.
  • Half the weight of conventional laminated toughened glass or insulated glass units (IGUs).
  • Thermally safe.
  • The panel can be constructed to meet required insulation standards.
  • Shatterproof; will retain integrity even if damaged.
  • Specified and installed by BAA and Network Rail.
  • If broken, the panel will remain safe, intact, weatherproof and impervious to water.
  • UV stable.
  • No pin-holes.
  • No rollerwave distortion.
  • Highly reflective, with a flat, opaque finish which will not allow show-through of adhesive.
  • Highly durable, UV stable and retains appearance and performance for years.
  • Easy to maintain, and can be quickly installed using standard glazing systems.
  • Acts as a barrier for electronic surveillance, helping to increase privacy.
  • Low environmental impact and low emissivity.
  • Does not contain heavy metals or toxic elements, and will not produce any volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Can be installed in either portrait or landscape orientations.
  • Not susceptible to catastrophic nickel sulphide breaks.
  • Does not require toughening or heat-soaking.
  • The panels can be matched to corporate colours, and branding and signage can be printed within the colour layer.
  • Manufactured from renewable and recyclable materials.
  • Impervious to attack from the rear by adhesives and solvents. Approved fixing with Dow Corning and Sika.
  • Has a life expectancy of more than 25 years.


Can be used in various applications, including:

  • Curtain walling.
  • Spandrel panels.
  • Lookalike panels.
  • Exterior cladding.

General information


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_33_14 Composite glass sheetsPrimary


L40/370 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/371 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/372 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/380 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/381 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/55 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/57 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

L40/58 Bead-fixed insulating glass units

Specification data - Composite glass sheets

Product Reference

Chromatics Monolithic Spandrel Panels

Glass type

Clear float

Low iron


On request.




Consult manufacturer for details and insert requirements.


Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.


3110 x 2500 mm (maximum finished panel size). Other sizes available on request, consult manufacturer for details.

Colour/ Finish

Colour layer

Available in any RAL design or RAL classic colour, consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Print layer

Digital images can be used - consult manufacturer and insert drawing/ image reference.

Edge profile

Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Standard product features

Technical characteristics:

  • Fire rating (to EN13501-1: 2007 and A1: 2009): A2-s1,d0.
  • Weather resistance: Tested to BS EN ISO 12543 and BS 3900.
  • Impact resistance (to BS EN 12600): Class 1B1 (indicative).
  • Laminate integrity (to BS EN 1542: 1999): Pull-off tests exceeded.
  • Light transmittance: 0.

Product Options


Supplied to required size as finished panels. Other sizes may be available, consult manufacturer for details.

Colour/ Finish:

- Colour layer:

Standard colours include: Clear (bright silver), graphite grey (RAL 7024), traffic white (RAL 9016). Bespoke colours available on request – consult manufacturer for details.

- Print layer:

Digital images can be reproduced to full panel size or tiled over any number of panels. Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Edge profile:

Enables the panels to be fitted into a standard curtain wall system. Consult manufacturer and insert requirement.

Third party certifications
  • Certified N950/10/16177A. : Standard for systemised building envelopes
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