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A fully grouted system using specialist helical, stainless steel ties, which are injected into predrilled clearance holes.

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A fully grouted remedial wall tie and restraint solution using 8 or 10 mm diameter helical, 304 or 316 stainless steel ties. The CemTie is injection grouted into predrilled holes with Helifix ‘Helibond’ high performance cementitious grout. Designed for stabilising solid or rubble filled walls, lintel repairs, securing multi-layer brick rings in bridges, tunnels and arches, reconnecting separated internal and external building walls, repairing and securing parapets, cornices and decorative fascias and stabilization of a wide range of masonry structures in all environments.

CemTie can be used in conjunction with other Helifix techniques as part of the HeliBeam™ System for cost effectively restoring and enhancing the structural integrity and load bearing capabilities of buildings and structures.

Vertical and horizontal spacing:

Typically 450mm x 450mm grid. Consult with Helifix Ltd for recommendations and details.

Depth of hole:

300 mm past any cracking. Consult with Helifix Ltd for recommendations and details.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_84_81 Stainless steel drive tiesPrimary


C41/675 Joint reinforcement

C46/10 Inserting cavity wall ties

C46/110 Inserting cavity wall ties

Specification data - Stainless steel drive ties

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8 mm

10 mm


400 mm

500 mm

600 mm

700 mm

800 mm

900 mm

1000 mm


HeliBond cementitious grout

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Supplied in packs of ten.

Third party certifications
  • Quality Assurance - certficate : CE Marked in Accordance with DIN EN 845 and DIN EN 846
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