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CEMGUARD fire resistant mineral paint


A minimimum of 2 coats coats of the paint must be applied. Each coat must have an application rate of 202gm2 of liquid paint this will ensure a dry film thickness of 50 - 80 microns.

if the substrate is very porous or dry, mist spray the surface with water before and between coats.

Apply first coat of paint evenly to the surface using an HVLP or compressor based paint spraying system, These are the recommended methods of application. Giving the smoothest finish and the consistent thickness of paint.

If brush application is necessary it is essential to ensure the correct thickness of paint is applied evenly over the whole surface.

Allow 6-8 hours between coats under normal circumstances. A longer curing time may be necessary in cold and damp conditions.

Apply a second coat of the paint and allow to fully cure.

Cemguard takes a number of days to fully cure. During this process the paint may seem soft/dusty. This is completely natural and the paint will reach full hardness after around 7 Days. The paint should be fully cured after 28 days. 


Cemguard is a fire resistant mineral paint and primer system which has been tested and certified to ISO BS EN13501-1 - A1 Classification of reaction to fire.

The system has been derived from a carefully balanced composition of natural minerals and uses no additional chemicals to achieve its fire resistant properties. Cemguard powder is mixed with water and painted on primed dry or damp surfaces.

Cemguard cures to progressively hydrate its fine particles to form a strong, permanently bonded, tough and vapour permeable breathable finish unlike commonly available polymer based paints, Cemguard paint has no polymers additions. These are excluded because they would reduce its effective life. Their lack of compatibility can be readily understood by considering how dissimilar modern polymer materials (eg plastic) are compared to mineral based materials such and stone, brickwork, masonry and render.

Cemguard has high vapour permeability to deliver a non-peeling/ non-flaking fire resistant breathable coating that can perform for decades.

Cemguard is safe for users and the environment, with zero Organic Compounds (VOC), tested according to IS 15489: 2004. It also contains no heavy metals or hazardous substances such as formaldehyde, phenolic compounds and benzene.

Cemguard colours are available with permanent, whole-depth, UV resistant colouration.

Cemguard is durable on a wide range of absorbent materials, including pre-cast and in-situ concrete, GRC, concrete blocks, cement render, cement-lime renders and natural stone. It can also be used on plasterboard.

Features and benefits:

  • Fire resistant
  • Permanent/Non-flaking coating.
  • High vapour permeability/breathability.
  • Zero polymer content.
  • Usable on a wide range of masonry surfaces.
  • Can be used internally as well as externally
  • Resists frost and water related damage.
  • Can fill rough and open textures.
  • Easy mixing and application.
  • UV resistant.
  • Ideal for Coastal and Marine Environments.
  • Safe to use, non-toxic and solvent free with no added VOC’s 

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Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_22_96 Water-based masonry paintsPrimary


M60/18 Special coating

M60/170 Masonry coating

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10 kg.

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ISO13501-1 A1 Classification Report

ISO13501-1 A1 Classification Report

ISO13501-1 A1 Classification Report

ISO13501-1 A1 Classification Report

CEMGUARD Mineral Paint ISO13501-1 TDS Document

CEMGUARD Mineral Paint ISO13501-1 TDS Document

BS EN 15725

BS EN 15725

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