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Designed to provide a fire protection (and sound insulation) solution in all types of buildings from private housing to industrial properties.

Cavity fire barriers can be constructed using Gyproc and Glasroc boards fixed to either timber framework or to Gypframe lightweight steel channels and angles. Stone mineral wool (by others) fixed to the framework and draped over the suspended ceiling system is used to form fire stopping at the junction between vertical cavity fire barriers and ceiling.

Not suitable for use in areas subjected to continuous damp or humid conditions. Specify MR (moisture resistant) boards in intermittent wet areas.

Specification data
Product Reference

Cavity Fire Barrier Systems


68 x 38 mm timber stud framework, with studs at 600 mm centres

75 x 50 mm timber stud framework, with studs at 600 mm centres

Gypframe 48 S 50 'C' Stud framework, with studs at 600 mm centres

Linings -

6 mm Glasroc MultiBoard

10 mm Glasroc MultiBoard

12.5 mm Gyproc FireLine

12.5 mm Gyproc FireLine MR

15 mm Gyproc WallBoard

15 mm Gyproc Moisture Resistant

15 mm Gyproc FireLine

15 mm Gyproc FireLine MR




Applied to

One side of framework

Each side of framework

Fire resistance to BS 476-20

30 minutes integrity, 15 minutes insulation

30 minutes integrity, 30 minutes insulation

60 minutes integrity, 60 minutes insulation