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Cast Iron Gutters

General information

Uniclass 2015

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R10/315 Cast iron gutters

Product range

Metal RWP and Gutters

Specification data - Cast iron eaves gutters

Product Reference

Cast Iron Gutters


Moulded, 100 x 75 mm

Moulded, 125 x 100 mm

Ogee, 125 x 100 mm

Ogee, 150 x 100 mm

Beaded half round, 100 mm

Beaded half round, 115 mm

Beaded half round, 125 mm

Beaded half round, 150 mm

Plain half round, 100 mm

Plain half round, 115 mm

Plain half round, 125 mm

Plain half round, 150 mm

As drawing



Joining clips

Not required


As drawing


Running, round spigot

Insert diameter.

Running, square spigot

Insert section size.

As drawing


Not required

90° External

90° Internal

135° External

135° Internal

As drawing

Stop ends

Left hand

Right hand

As drawing

Brackets and accessories

Profiled rise and fall bracket

Fascia bracket

Profiled rafter bracket

Stainless steel gutter bolts

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System colour

Transit coat for onsite painting

Manufacturer's standard finish.


Available at a small premium.

BS 5252, colour

Available at a small premium; insert colour.

RAL, colour

Available at a small premium; insert colour.

Standard product features


1.83 m.

Product Options

System colour:

Delivered in grey transit coat ready for onsite painting. Can also be supplied pre-finished in black at a premium. Other colours are available.