For warm roof waterproofing.


Bonded warm roof waterproofing system on a metal deck with mechanically fixed insulation.


  • Armourplan PSG waterproof covering: Fleece-backed, single ply plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) roofing membrane for enhanced mechanical properties and durability.
  • Spectra Bond Low Foam Adhesive: High performance, moisture cured polyurethane adhesive to provide rapid curing and high adhesion.
  • Enertherm Alu insulation: Insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate foam core. Has been tested under extreme conditions for water absorption, mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and emissivity.
  • IKO Fix universal fixings and insulation tubes: Carbon steel fixings and polypropylene tubes.
  • IKO PE VCL vapour control layer: Polyethylene VCL for rapid installation.
  • Metal deck (by others).


For warm roof waterproofing.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Ss_30_40_30_80 Single layer sheet warm roof covering systemsPrimary


J42/10 Warm deck roof covering

J42/110 Warm deck roof covering

Specification data - Single layer sheet warm roof covering systems

Product Reference

Bonded Armourplan PSG, Warm Roof on Metal Deck (Mechanically Fixed Insulation)

Vapour control layer





Enertherm Alu


1200 x 600 mm

1200 x 1000 mm

2400 x 1200 mm


– Insert requirement, available 30–200 mm.




Tongue and groove




IKO Fix universal fixings and insulation tubes


Insert requirement, dependent on insulation thickness. Universal fixings available 50–300 mm. Insulation tubes available 35–425 mm.

Waterproof covering



Armourplan PSG


Mid Grey (nearest RAL 7046)

Slate Grey (nearest RAL 7015)


Spectra Bond Low Foam Adhesive

Standard product features


  • Material: Polyethylene.
  • Thickness: 0.3 mm.
  • Roll size: 25 x 4 m (l x w).
  • Moisture vapour resistance: >600 MNs/g.

Enertherm Alu:

  • Material: 100% chlorofluorocarbon (CFC), hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) and hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) free insulation board with a rigid polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam core, clad on both sides with a multi-layer, gastight aluminium complex.
  • Thermal conduction coefficient (to BS EN 13165) λD: 0.022 W/mK.
  • U-value: Dependent on thickness, consult manufacturer's literature for information.
  • Fire class according (to BS EN 13501-1): Class E.
  • Fire class ‘end use’ (to BS EN 13501-1): B-s2, d0 (steel deck).
  • Fire class (to BS 476-7): Class 1.
  • Bulk density: ±32 kg/m³.
  • Compressive strength at 10% deformation: 175 kPa (17.5 ton/m²).
  • Behaviour under uniformly distributed loading: Class C (≤5% deformation at 80°C and 40 kPa loading).
  • Closed cells: >95%.
  • Water vapour diffusion: PIR foam: μ = 60; ALU facing: μ > 100 000.
  • CE marked to BS EN 13165.

Armourplan PSG:

  • Material: Plasticized polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P) with glass tissue reinforcement.
  • Thickness: 1.2 mm.
  • Roll size: 20 x 2.12 m (l x w).
  • Weight: 1700 g/m².
  • Tensile strength (to BS EN 12311-2) 800 N/50 mm (±20%).
  • Elongation at break (to BS EN 12311-2): 150% (±20%).
  • Tear resistance (to BS EN 12310-2): >150 N.
  • Peel strength of joints (to BS EN 12316-2): >200 N/50 mm.
  • Shear strength of joints (to BS EN 12317-2): >500 N.
  • Hail resistance (to BS EN 13583): 30 m/s.
  • Nail tear (to BS EN 12310-1) 500 N.
  • Impact resistance (to BS EN 12691): 10 KPa.
  • Static load (to BS EN 12730): 20 kg.
  • Dimensional stability (to BS EN 1107-2): ≤0.5% (six hours at 80°C).
  • Flexibility at low temperatures (to BS EN 495-5): -30°C.
  • External exposure to fire: To BS EN 476-3: Ext F.AB; to BS EN 13501: T4 – Pass.
  • Water tightness (to BS EN 1928 method B): Pass.
  • Minimum overlap: 60 mm.
  • Minimum welding width (automatic): >30 mm.
  • Minimum welding width (hand welder): >60 mm.
  • Welding temperature: 385–450°C.
  • Recommended welding speed (automatic welder): 1.8 m/min.

Spectra Bond Low Foam Adhesive:

  • Material: Single-part polyurethane.
  • Colour: Pink.
  • Solids content: 77%.
  • Viscosity: 2800 cps (at 20°C).
  • Tack life: 30 minutes (at 20°C).

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