Bona Mega Natural

Seals and protects wooden floors yet preserves the look and feel of pure wood. Unlike conventional lacquers, the surface feels more like raw, finely sanded wood. For the best effect, combine with one coat of Bona White primer.


  • Preserves the look and feel of pure wood.
  • Superior protection for residential areas.
  • Easy and safe to apply.
  • Dispersion mainly consisting of plant based oil.
  • GreenGuard approved for low indoor emissions.

General information


One component waterborne polyurethane topcoat

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_77_96 Wood floor sealersPrimary


M60/16 Decorative woodstain/ varnish/ preservative

M60/180 Floor coating

Specification data - Wood floor sealers

Product Reference

Bona Mega Natural

Standard product features


One component waterborne polyurethane topcoat.

Solids content:


Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC, maximum):

50 g/L.

Sheen (at 60°):


Drying time (under normal climate conditions, 20°C/ 60% R.H.):

  • Ready for sanding/recoating: 1½–3 hours.
  • Light use: 24 hours.
  • Full hardness: 7 days.

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