BN5 brass stair nosings

To butt to flooring or installed with BNE Nap Detail for carpet installations. Can be rebated to sit flush in wooden steps.


Brass stair nosing with concealed fixings suitable to butt up to flooring or used with BNE brass nap lock profile for use with broadloom installations.

Features and benefits:

  • Suitable when a 50 x 50 mm nosing is required.
  • Available in a range of finishes.
  • A wide variety of coloured polyvinyl chloride (PVC) infill options to offer suitable light reflectance values (LRV) contrasts to the floor covering installed. PVC infills are available in smooth PVC or CAT Castellated PVC for greater slip resistance value (SRV).
  • Solid brass inserts are available finishes matching the main channel, where a solid aluminium looking nosing is required with concealed fixings.
  • Also available with Olympic grip carborundum inserts for use in very high traffic or exterior areas.


To butt to flooring or installed with BNE Nap Detail for carpet installations. Can be rebated to sit flush in wooden steps.

General information


Solid brass Grade H/H CZ108

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_90_31_74 Rigid stair nosingsPrimary


L30/30 Proprietary

L30/310 Proprietary

L30/590 Applied stair nosings

M50/75 Stair nosings and trims

M50/750 Stair nosings and trims

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Specification data - Rigid stair nosings

Product Reference

BN5 Brass Stair Nosing


Single channel/ square front

Base section



Solid brass grade H/H CZ108


Antique brass

Length (maximum): 3200 mm. LRV: 29.55.

Antique bronze

Length (maximum): 3200 mm. LRV: 9.15.

Polished brass

Length (maximum): 3200 mm. LRV: 71.45.

Satin brass

Length (maximum): 3200 mm. LRV: 59.55.



Rise x going

30 x 60 mm


5 mm




BTI 49.5 castellated brass

Interior use only, for hidden fixings. Supplied with self-adhesive tape, pre-applied to underside.

Olympic grip carborundum

Interior or exterior use. Slip resistance value (SRV): Dry: 102 TRL; wet: 71 TRL.

PVC, castellated

Interior use only. Pendulum test value (PTV): Dry: 85; wet: 76.

PVC, smooth textured

Interior use only. Pendulum test value (PTV): Dry: 65; wet: 56.


Dependent on infill, consult manufacturer's literature for options including for light reflectance values, and insert requirements.


To be supplied pre-drilled and countersunk in the channel for concealed fixing and on-site retro fitting of the infill

To be supplied undrilled for adhesive fixing using F. Ball & Co. Ltd Stycco Flex Rapid Curing Flexible Adhesive

Standard product features


A range of colours is available.


Interior use (exterior use with selected infills); range of finishes; infill options provide a wide range of light reflectance and slip resistance values.


Range of base and infill finishes.


Solid brass grade H/H CZ108 (base section); range of infill materials.


Stair nosing.


3200 x 60 x 30 mm.

Warranty description:

Manufacturer's standard.

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