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Areas of use Bitu-Mend®:

  • Ideal for pot-holes in roadways, vehicle parks, loading docks,; paths, airfields etc;
  • On bituminous and concrete surfaces.

Bitu-Mend® Advanced:

  • Potholes in asphalt and tarmac;
  • Gangways and work areas;
  • Car parks and loading bays where forklifts and lorries operate;
  • Splits and cracks in asphalt;
  • Roller shutter door guide rails.

Bitu-Mend® Deep Fill:

  • Deep holes in heavily trafficked areas like car parks or loading bays.

Bitu-Mend® pour & restore:

  • Repairing shallow depressions, dished or pitted asphalt surfaces;
  • Car parks, yards, pavements.


A range of durable bitumen-based patch repair products for use on exterior pot-holed asphalt and concrete.

Watco Bitu-Mend® Advanced is suitable for filling holes in asphalt and similar type floors. It’s strength allows for thinner repairs than conventional products and it is ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

Watco Bitu-Mend® Deep Fill is ideal for filling deep holes (up to 200 mm) in asphalt and concrete, without the need to make up the repair in layers. The epoxy resin formulation provides high strength throughout the depth of the repair making it ideal for heavily trafficked areas.

Watco Bitu-Mend® Pour and Restore is for shallow repairs to damaged or cracked asphalt and tarmac. Mix and pour over pitted, cracked and damaged surfaces and it self-smooths with a trowel.

Features and benefits:


  • Compacts to a dense hard surface that will resist vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Repairs can be driven over immediately.
  • Extremely simple to use.
  • Withstands heavy traffic.
  • Includes easy to use primer.
  • Suitable for holes between 10 mm and 75 mm deep.

Bitu-Mend® Advanced:

  • Cures to a hard, black, slip resistant finish.
  • Can be applied at any thickness from 10–100 mm.
  • Can also be used on concrete.
  • Ready for use in 12 hours.

Bitu-Mend® Deep Fill:

  • Cures to a hard, black, slip resistant finish.
  • No primer required.
  • Can be applied at any thickness from 15–200 mm.
  • Suitable for use inside and out.
  • Ready for use in 12 hours.

Bitu-Mend® Pour & Restore:

  • Easy to mix and apply.
  • Ideal for shallow repairs.
  • Ready for traffic in 16 hours.

General information






Granite aggregate

A blend of graded granite aggregate and epoxy resin.


25 kg

Uniclass 2015

Pr_35_31_05_05 Asphalt concrete (AC) surface coursesPrimary


Q22/170 Proprietary vehicular paving

Q22/110 Asphalt concrete paving

Q22/10 Asphalt concrete paving

Specification data - Asphalt concrete (AC) surface courses Enhanced data



Product Reference


Pack size

25 kg.


0.5 m² at 25 mm thick.


Data Sheet: Bitu-Mend

Data Sheet: Bitu-Mend