Touch-free electronic soap dispenser for wall-mounted installations.

Features and benefits:

  • Activated by an infrared sensor. Chrome-plated body; other finishes are available. The version for batteries features a low battery indicator.
  • Includes a 1 L soap bottle and bottle support. Optional for remote installation, extension cable and longer pipework.
  • Closing automatically without dripping, Dolphin’s touch-free soap dispenser helps to ensure that the bathroom will stay organized and neat.
  • The following functions can be performed by remote control: soap quantity selection; refill the soap tank; temporarily switch off; revert to factory settings.
  • Draws maximum current of 0.5 A at sensor activation.
  • Exceeds the BREEAM requirements for taps for a maximum flow rate of less than 6 L per minute (LPM) at a water pressure of 0.3 MPa.
  • See matching electronic tap: DB1500/ DB1525.

General information


28 x 126 mm

Uniclass 2015

Pr_40_70_22_81 Soap dispensersPrimary


N13/458 Soap dispensers

Specification data - Soap dispensers

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28 x 126 mm.

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