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Slimline eco hand dryer.

Features and benefits:

  • Quality stainless steel body with all-metal backplate for excellent vandal resistance.
  • 100 mm depth of body, reducing impact in the washroom and complying with the Equalities Act.
  • Very low operating power, saving 80% or more of the energy costs against conventional hand dryers.
  • Less than 0.5 W standby power.
  • Infrared, self-adjusting sensor with additional manual adjustment.
  • Heater 'on/ off' switch and adjustable airflow provide greater energy savings.
  • Dries hands in under 15 seconds with the heater on at full speed, reducing CO2 emissions.
  • Outlet temperature 55°C (131°F) at 25°C (77°F) ambient temperature with the heater on and at full speed.
  • Three years' limited warranty.
  • IP24-rated. Very high IP rating; suitable for use in mental health institutes.
  • Class 1-rated isolation.
  • Average reuse rate under WEEE Directive: 78%.
  • Average recovery rate under WEEE Directive: 96%.
  • SKA-compliant product.

General information

212.5 x 268 x 100 mm

Specification data
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Standard product features


  • 212.5 x 268 x 100 mm.

Power consumption/ Output:

  • High speed with element on: 1000 W (74.3 dB)/ 70 m/s (102 m³/h).
  • Low speed with element on: 500 W (68.9 dB)/ 45.5 m/s (71 m³/h).
  • High speed with element off: 500 W (74.3 dB)/ 70 m/s (102 m³/h).
  • Low speed with element off: 250 W (68.9 dB)/ 45.5 m/s (71 m³/h).

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