Baxta Key Coat (BKC)

Suitable for use as a base coat over smooth masonry and painted surfaces, fibre cement sheeting, off form concrete and tilt up precast concrete panel.

Baxta Engineered Coatings produce a range of products that are specifically developed to work in combination to match different substrates. Baxta Key Coat has been designed as part of a totally integrated coating system. Baxta Key Coat should be used in accordance with specific Baxta installation requirements and where possible in the following system sequence:

1st coat, Baxta Key Coat, 

2nd coat, Baxta Screeded Level Render, 

3rd coat, Baxta CovaCoat Primer, 

4th coat Baxta Maxicap Elastomeric, 

5th coat Baxta Maxicap Elastomeric


Baxta. Baxta Keycote - BKC is a cementitious polymer modified adhesive base coat manufactured to exacting conditions from high quality, washed and graded sands, off white portland cement and proprietary additives conforming to Australian Standard 3972. Baxta. Baxta Keycote - BKC is ideal for use as a base coat over fibro cement sheets, off form concrete and concrete tilt panels provided that a minimum of 2mm dry film build of acrylic render is used as a finish coat over any type of CFC or fibro cement sheets. Baxta. Baxta Keycote - BKC can provide a very strong adhesive bond to difficult substrate surfaces such as smooth masonry & clay block surfaces and properly cleaned & prepared pre-painted surfaces, prior to the application of cement-based renders. 

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Render Finish.


Ten-year warranty when installed in accordance with Baxta Engineered coatings recommendations.

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