Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket Extensive Green Roof System

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Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket Extensive Green Roof System with integrated water retention and filter layer.

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Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket Extensive Green Roof System with integrated water retention and filter layer.

This is the lightest weight all-in-one system available. It comprises mature Sedum on 20mm of extensive substrate and incorporates a multifunctional water retention and filter layer. The system is suitable for both new build construction and retrofit refurbishment projects. In most instances an additional drainage layer is not required although on roofs up to and including 1° or in areas of high rainfall, its inclusion may be necessary.

Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket has passed BROOF(t4) and has a fire rating of Ext. F.AA (flat roofs) and Ext. S.AA (sloped roofs) when tested to BS 476 Part 3:2004.

Key features:

  • Lightweight system, approximately 44 kg/m² (saturated weight loading of the XF301 Sedum Blanket only).
  • Installed directly onto the root-resistant waterproofing.
  • Complete integrated system.
  • 14–17 species of sedum are grown in the blanket to ensure plant diversity.
  • Substrate is relatively lightweight.
  • Moisture retention layer and substrate keep the system weight to a minimum.


  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Low-maintenance system.
  • Instant greening of a roof.
  • Suitable for retrofitting on refurbishment roofs.
  • Supported by Bauder Ltd maintenance service.
  • Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket has a fire rating of Ext.F.AA (flat roofs) and Ext. S.AA (sloped roofs) when tested to BS 476 Part 3:2004

General information

Uniclass 2015

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Q37/130 Extensive green roof

Specification data - Extensive green roof systems

Product Reference

Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket Extensive Green Roof System.

Waterproofing (not Inverted Roof Systems)

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Bauderflex Green Roof System (specified in J41)

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Drainage layer

Bauder SDF Mat Drainage and Protection Layer

Lightweight, multi-directional drainage layer, 20mm thick. Only used on roofs below 2° fall (provided there are no back falls and no danger of ponding water).


Bauder XF301 Sedum System

Single layer, light weight, sedum system


Bauder Xero Flor Organic Fertiliser

Maximum Slope



See 'Options' below and insert requirements.

Standard product features

- Bauder XF301 Sedum System:

Bauder XF301 Single Layer Sedum System is an ultra-light weight sedum system. The product can be laid directly onto the waterproofing without the need for a growing medium. XF301 also contains a moisture mat which retains up to 5L/m2 of water. The vegetation is a mix of in excess of 14 sedum varieties.

  • Maximum saturate weight: ≤44 kg/m².
  • Thickness: 34–44 mm.
  • Typical supply size: 1 x 2 m.
  • Long roll sizes (for use with crane attachment): 1 x 5–10 m.
  • pH value: 6.5–7.
  • Sedum species: approximately 14–17 (the species mix is adjusted from time to time; please contact Bauder Technical for further information).

Lay within 36 hours of lifting from growing position. Blankets should be laid diagonally or perpendicular to the slope of the roof. Stagger joints, butt together or slightly overlap to prevent gaps. Blankets are not to be stretched. Thoroughly water using surface sprinklers immediately after installation and substrate dressing, ensuring that the blankets and substrate are fully saturated before moving on to the next area.

General: Do not lay if blankets are dried out, damaged, frosty or waterlogged.

Sloped Roofs: Blankets to be laid over the spikes of the already installed Bauder retention strips and trod down to ensure that the spikes penetrate the moisture retention fleece to the underside of the blanket.

Bauder Retention Strips Required:

  • Bitumen Membrane Green Systems - from 10° and above.
  • Bauder Single Ply Green Systems - from 5° and above.
  • Bauder LiquiTEC Roofing System - from 5° and above.

Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket on Exposed Sites: It may be necessary to provide a stone ballast coating spread evenly to prevent wind uplift and erosion of the vegetation blanket in high winds and/or heavy rainfall.

Installation: 20 - 40mm rounded washed pebbles to be installed onto the vegetation blankets to provide the required loading of 27Kg/m².

Vegetation Blankets could be secured at intervals by using wire or cable ties, as required.

Follow Bauder Establishment Watering Guidelines also.

Establishment Watering Requirements

XF301 requires surface watering for the first 4 weeks following installation (to ensure that the sedum blanket remains moist to the touch). It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to liaise with the main contractor/building owner to provide water to ensure that the vegetation mat does not dry out during this period.

An adequate mains supply of sufficient pressure must be available and operational prior to the sedum blanket being delivered and installed. Irrigation systems (where fitted on roof slopes above 10°) must be operational, but initial watering in of the fertiliser must be by surface mounted sprinklers.

See the Bauder Watering Guide document for detailed information on watering requirements. Bauder Ltd accepts no responsibilities whatsoever for the condition of installed sedum blankets that are not properly watered in accordance with our recommendations.


- Bauder Xero Flor Organic Fertiliser:

Bauder Sedum Blankets are grown in a shallow growing medium which contains very little nutrient, so the annual application of fertiliser is crucial to ensure that the plants remain healthy. Fertiliser should ideally be applied during March/April, as it helps the plants to prepare for extreme weather conditions and flowering whilst also allowing the different species to gain sufficient nutrients without competing against each other.

Organic fertilizer can be obtained direct from Bauder in 25kg bags, which is sufficient for an area of 312.5m2 when applied at the recommended rate of 80g/m². Areas of up to 30m² may be applied using either a handheld spreader or strewn by hand from a bucket. Larger roofs should always be done using a trolley applicator, which can be purchased direct from Bauder. Always apply the fertiliser at the given rate written on the bag.

It is recommended that the fertiliser is lightly ‘watered in’ immediately after application, to avoid “burning” of the foliage, which may occur if fertilizer pellets settle on the leaves. Dung-based organic fertilizers should be avoided.

Product Options

Drainage layer:

- Bauder SDF Mat Drainage and Protection Layer:

Lightweight, multi-directional drainage layer. Used on roofs 0-1° finished falls provided there are no back falls and no danger of ponding water. Loose laid on to the completed waterproofing, butt jointed with 100mm fleece overlap, to provide drainage, protection and a filtration layer for the Bauder XF301 Sedum System. Cut to fit closely around penetrations and outlets.

  • Width: 1m.
  • Length: 50m.
  • Thickness: 20 mm.
  • Coverage: 50 m²
  • Weight (saturated): 0.16 kg/m².
  • Material: Nylon loop mesh between two layers of geotextile fleece.


- Bauder AL40 Edge and Drainage Trim:

Perforated edge/drainage trim used to frame and contain the green roof build-up. AL40 is specifically designed to be used with the Bauder XF301 Sedum System.

Normally installed directly onto waterproofing, the drainage trims can be welded down using lengths of the waterproofing membrane. The trim is used to frame the green roof build up and should be completed and inspected prior to living material being delivered to site. See Bauder Green Roof Installation Guide for full details.

  • Material: aluminium.
  • Thickness: 1.5 mm.
  • Trim height: 40 mm.
  • Size: 73 mm x 2000 mm (w x l).
  • Supply form: Joint Sections and Corner Sections are also available.

- Bauder ALU250 Inspection Chamber System:

The Bauder ALU250 Inspection Chamber is fabricated from a perforated aluminium sheet with an opening/lockable lid and is used for intensive and extensive soft landscaping, as well as ballasted inverted roofs. Install centrally over rainwater outlets. A simple on-site modification allows the unit to be used over outlets that are located close to wall or kerb abutments.

The Inspection Chamber is suitable for landscaping depths of less than 100mm. Where landscaping is deeper than 100mm, the 50mm or 100mm height adaptors can be added as necessary to achieve the required height to be level with or slightly proud of the surrounding landscaping.

Surround: using 20/ 40 mm grade washed pebbles, the inspection chamber must be surrounded by a 500 mm vegetation barrier to prevent unwanted growth from obstructing the drainage system.

ALU250 Inspection Chamber:

  • Material: 1.5 mm aluminium (2 mm lid).
  • Length: 250mm (chamber only)
  • Width: 250mm (chamber only)
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 950 g.
  • Colour: silver grey (RAL 9006).

ALU250 Height Adaptor 50 mm:

  • Material: 1.5 mm aluminium.
  • Length: 250mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 50mm
  • Weight: 250 g.
  • Colour: silver grey (RAL 9006).

ALU250 Height Adaptor 100 mm:

  • Material: 1.5 mm aluminium.
  • Length: 250mm
  • Width: 250mm
  • Height: 100mm
  • Weight: 450 g.
  • Colour: silver grey (RAL 9006).

- Bauder Sedum Blanket Retention Strips:

The Bauder Stainless Steel Retention Strips are designed to secure the Bauder XF301 sedum system on pitched roofs.

The Retention Strips are fitted on Single Ply and Cold Liquid Applied pitched roofs 5° and above and Bituminous pitched roofs 11° and above, to hold the XF301 system in place. Roofing Membrane is used to securely weld the strips in place. The sharp retention spikes grip the blanket and prevent slippage.

Normally installed directly onto waterproofing. The Retention Strips should be fitted with the spiked edge down the slope of the roof. Each roll of XF301 requires at least one retention strip to hold it in place. See the Bauder Green Roof Installation Guide for full details.

Warning: The Retention Strip spikes are extremely sharp; the protective plastic cover should not be removed until the XF301 Sedum System is being fitted.

  • Material: 1.2 mm stainless steel
  • Trim height: 22 mm
  • Dimensions: 100mm (w) x 800mm (l)
  • Supply form: Boxes of 24 lengths

- Bauder Eco-Mat Protection Fleece:

Lightweight protection layer made from 100% recycled man-made fibres. Used in conjunction with Bauder XF301 at the ridge of mono or dual pitched roofs 11° and above to provide additional water retention for these exposed areas.

Bauder Eco-Mat should be lapped by 150mm on all joints.

See Bauder's Green Roof Installation Guide for full details.

  • Weight (saturated): 3.8 kg/m².
  • Water storage: 3.2 Lt/m².
  • Thickness: 6 mm.
  • Size: 2 x 30 m.
  • Coverage: 60 m².

Vegetation Barrier (supplied by others):

Where a vegetation barrier is used with a Bauder XF301 Sedum System (below 10° only).

A vegetation barrier must be provided to all perimeters, abutments penetrations including protrusions i.e. man-safe posts etc. We recommend 20/40mm rounded river washed pebbles.

Stones/aggregates with sharp edges must not be used i.e. flint.

In accordance with current GRO guidelines, the specified barrier widths are as follows: -

  • Minimum 300mm but increasing to 500mm at vertical walls with opening windows or doors or to abutments with opening rooflights.
  • Every 40m, there is a 30mm high barrier constructed of non-flammable materials or a one metre wide strip of solid paving, gravel or pebbles.
  • At all open drainage perimeters, drainage trim must be used to contain the vegetation barrier.
  • For extensive green/blue roofs where Bauder XF301 Sedum Blanket is specified, the vegetation barrier must cover the edges of the blanket by a minimum of 100mm in order to protect the exposed edge of the blanket against wind uplift and substrate erosion. Please refer to Bauder standard green roof detailing for other extensive green roof systems.
  • Vegetation barrier removal or reduction of the recommended width: Pebble vegetation barriers function as a fire break between potentially flammable dry vegetation and abutting construction materials that are also potentially flammable, to prevent fire spreading. These can be seen as an aesthetic issue for smaller green/blue roof areas and for this reason some clients/designers choose to reduce this width or otherwise remove the barrier altogether.

The current barrier guidelines are set by the GRO codes of practice that Bauder follows and promotes. These are guidelines and not currently a legal requirement under British Standards or Building Regulations. However, not following these guidelines may affect an insurance claim in the unlikely event of a fire. Consequently, Bauder Ltd cannot accept liability for issues arising from non-compliance with the current GRO guidelines.

Irrigation (supplied by others):

It is always advisable to ensure that there is a water supply point adjacent to the green roof, both to assist with general maintenance and as a precaution against extreme drought conditions.

The sedum plants used in the Bauder XF301 blanket system absorb and store water in their leaves, which they then use to survive during periods of drought. The purpose of the moisture retention fleece, which is incorporated into the system beneath the blanket, is to hold water after rainfall to give the plants sufficient time to take on as much water as possible. The moisture retention fleece is not a water storage medium, so do not be concerned should it dry out during periods of dry weather. If drought conditions arise it is important to check the plant leaves to see if they are still fleshy and not completely dried out.

When the Bauder XF301 blanket system is installed we recommend the provision of either a leaky pipe or drip line irrigation system specifically where the following conditions apply: -

  • All south-facing roof slopes exceeding a 5° pitch.
  • All roof slopes exceeding a 10° pitch.
  • Exceptionally windy and exposed site locations, where the wind can dry out the blanket.
  • Sites up to 50 miles inland of the east coast of the UK mainland.

Irrigation should only be activated during prolonged periods of hot, dry weather, or if the sedum plants are showing signs of distress. The irrigation system is best activated for 2-3 hours, preferably at dawn or dusk to minimize unnecessary evaporation. Then once every 4-6 days for the duration of the hot weather conditions. This can be easily managed by using an inexpensive battery-powered, programmable timer.

Please note - continuous daily watering is neither recommended nor necessary and will only promote weeds and other unwanted plant species.

Advice and Supply of Irrigation Equipment

Access Irrigation Ltd is one of the country’s longest established irrigation specialists and has considerable experience in green roofs. They can provide irrigation advice on any Bauder project and can supply a wide range of irrigation products.

Please contact:-

Access Irrigation Ltd

Crick Northampton NN6 7XS

T: 01788 823811 F: 01788 824256


- Bauder Maintenance services:

Bauder Ltd offers a professional maintenance service using experienced green/blue roof technicians and would be pleased to provide an estimate for carrying out on-going maintenance. Please contact our green roof maintenance team on Tel: 01473 257671. Alternatively, the work can be contracted to experienced landscape contractors of your choice.

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