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Bauder Activator-Primer (Canister) APR01 - Black

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Bauder Ltd

Spray applied synthetic rubber primer.

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Suitable substrates and bonding applications:

As primer:

  • OSB, plywood or timber.
  • Metal.
  • Existing asphalt and bitumen membranes.

As foil-to-foil contact adhesive:

  • FA-TE to FA-TE, FA Tapered to FA-TE, FA to FA Insulations.
  • FA Insulation to KSD Foil.

As membrane contact adhesive:

  • Fleece-backed Thermofol membrane to insulation or deck.
  • Thermoplan (FB and non-FB) membrane to insulation or deck.

Other areas of use for bonding:

  • Onto insulation facing prior to installing bituminous self-adhesive membranes.
  • Onto underlayer as an activator in torch-free applications.
  • All types of angle fillets.
  • Ridge and Valley Infills to FA tapered.

Non-suitable substrates:

  • As a primer onto Concrete, lightweight concrete or cementitious materials – new build or refurbishment.
  • Bonding insulation to mica faced AVCL – e.g., FA-TE to KSD Mica.
  • Bonding laminated paper-foil faced insulation to AVCL or to itself.
  • Bonding EPS or XPS insulations.
  • Bonding BauderROCK insulation or Mineral Wool insulation to AVCL or to itself (multiple layers).
  • Non-fleece backed Thermofol to deck or insulation facing.
  • Bonding BauderGLAS insulation or Cellular Glass insulation to AVCL or to itself (multiple layers).

Only to be used as part of a full Bauder Waterproofing System.

Please contact Bauder Technical Department if you require any further suitabilities confirmed.


Synthetic rubber resin-based non-flammable material specifically developed to provide the necessary preparation of substrates, insulations and underlayers prior to the installation of self-adhesive membranes. The product can be used with torch-on membranes, and can also be used as a foil contact adhesive and fleece-backed membrane adhesive.

Features and benefits:

  • Non-flammable.
  • One canister.
  • One product can do multiple tasks – primer, activator, adhesive, etc.
  • Reduction in waste due to having less different adhesives.
  • Quick and easy application.
  • Primes most substrates.
  • 50% quicker than a roller.
  • Helps adhesion in colder temperatures down to zero degrees.
  • Better adhesion of underlayer without need for additional heat.
  • Will pull underlayer into insulation tighter, removing unsightly wrinkles and air-pockets.
  • No Hot Works – torch-free applications improved.
  • Approx. 5-to-10-minute drying time.
  • Advantage on smaller adhered projects for single ply (assuming DBR 06 or KSD Foil are used).

General information






Pr_35_31_66_57 Non-bituminous primersPrimary
Pr_20_31_02_57 Non-bitumen-based bonding compounds


J41/325 Bonding compound

J41/320 Primer

J42/320 Primer

Specification data - Non-bituminous primers


Solvent based, synthetic rubber.



Application temperature


Where the temperature falls outside of this, please refer to Summer & Winter Advice documents from Bauder.

Drying time

5-10 minutes.

At 10°C.


Spray Gun Nozzle Cleaner.

Shelf life

12 months.


75-150 m².

  • Primer and activator: 75 m² for two coats, 150 m² for one coat.
  • Foil-to-foil adhesive: 75m² for perimeter zones, 100m² for field area (as calculated to BS EN 1991-1-4).
  • Membrane adhesive: 75m².

Recoating time

4 hours.

If left exposed.

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