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BASF - MasterSeal 345

MasterSeal 345 is an EVA polymer based, sprayable membrane for the waterproofing of underground concrete structures. It is spray applied in a sandwich structure between two sprayed concrete / cast concrete layers, creating a double bonded composite shell lining. It is flexible and has very high bond strength properties on both sides of the membrane.

MasterSeal 345 is suitable for all types of tunnel designs. It is particularly well suited for underground structures with complex profiles and geometry such as stations, escape and access tunnels, utility caverns, cross passages and tunnel intersections.

MasterSeal 345 membrane exhibits high bond strength to the substrates on both sides of the membrane with good elasticity. As a double bonded system, this provides excellent water tightness, preventing the development of water migration on both sides of the membrane. MasterSeal 345 membrane can also be directly applied to damp sections of substrate.

General information

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Fast curing , Easy to use, only addition of water needed , Application by spraying with simple equipment , Elasticity 80% to 140% between -20 0C and +20 0C , No toxic components - No classification needed for transport,

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