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BASF - MasterEmaco S 5400

MasterEmaco S 5400 is a highly thixotropic repair mortar with high modulus from 5 up to 50 mm thickness, class R4. It is a ready-to-use material to be hand, trowel or spray applied on horizontal, vertical and overhead areas. It is used for high strength repair, structural repair of concrete elements.

MasterEmaco S 5400 ensures load transfer based on its high modulus and adhesion to host concrete. There is no need for a secondary reinforcement due to highly thixotropic mortar properties. It contains special cements, well graded sands, carefully selected additives and fibers to reduce shrinkage, providing excellent application properties and allows application up to 50 mm thickness in one layer.

MasterEmaco S 5400 has been developed based on new technology to achieve lowest cracking tendency, good water and chloride impermeability, sulphate resistant and high carbonation resistance.

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Structural fibre reinforced repair mortar, applied up to 50 mm in thickness. High early and ultimate strengths, high modulus and excellent adhesion to concrete ensuring load transfer.Excellent freeze/thaw resistance, high carbonation resistance

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