Backing Laminate

High pressure backing laminates, comprising layers of kraft paper as the base, a decorative layer and an overlay. Suitable for bonding onto a variety of substrates depending on the application. It is a competitive, durable and hardwearing solution which can be post-formed as required.

Available in horizontal grade standard (HGS) and horizontal grade post-forming (HGP) grades in many different collection and colour options.

General information


Uniclass 2015

Pr_25_71_63_15 Compact or solid grade high-pressure laminate (HPL) boardsPrimary


K13/140 Proprietary laminated plastics-veneered panel lining

K13/160 Proprietary

K30/10 Relocatable partition system

K30/130 Relocatable partition system

K32/112 Fully framed panel cubicles

K32/120 Panel cubicles

K32/130 Privacy screens

K32/140 Duct/ wall linings – panels only

K32/150 Duct/ wall linings – panels and proprietary frames

K32/160 Duct linings – preplumbed panels and proprietary frames

N10/10 Purpose-made

N10/110 Purpose-made

N11/380 Purpose made units

N12/440 Purpose made

Specification data - Compact or solid grade high-pressure laminate (HPL) boards

Product Reference

Backing Laminate



Commodity balancing laminate.


A vast spectrum of plain colours.

Colours and Textures

A collection of colours taken from the plain colour range with textures applied.

Decori Minimi

Mottled effect decors created by electronic processing a number of small textures.


Backing laminate suitable for use as a balancer for the inside of furniture.


Plain colours with mottled and speckled finishes within each colour set.


0.9 mm

3050 x 1300 mm, for Met Décor and Metalli only.

1.0 mm

3050 x 1220 mm, for Drops and Metalli only.

1.2 mm

3050 x 1220 mm, for Metalprint only.


Insert requirement.


Insert requirement.

Product Options

Colour/ Finish:

Many colour options are available; consult manufacturer's literature for more information. Finish options are dependent on colour choice.

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