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ASSA Flexcore Plus Padlocks


Padlock body of extruded brass, black chrome plated. Shackle of rustproofed hardened steel, 8mmdiameter. Drainage holes in the padlock body prevent freezing. No external screws or rivets.

Patent-protected medium security and incorporates the latest technology to ensure significant pick resistance. Tested to the highest levels of BS EN 12320, grade 3 (tensile strength over 1.5 tons).

Additional information for this product is available from - http://www.assa.co.uk/en/site/assacouk/Products1/?groupId=644420&productId=644143

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Pr_30_36_08_62 Padlocks and keysPrimary


P21/565 Padlocks

Product range

ASSA Padlocks

Specification data - Padlocks and keys

Product Reference


Class Two snap locking padlock.


Class Two key locking padlock.


Class Two key locking extended shackle padlock.


Class Two key locking close shackle padlock.

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