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Ashjack over roof conversion systems

Third party certifications:
  • BBA Agrément Certificate

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Ash & Lacy

Lightweight, over roof conversion systems.

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Ashjack over-roof conversion systems are constructed using a bespoke, lightweight, steel framing system, which is primarily designed to create a variety of pitched or curved roof structures that incorporate ridges, hips, valleys soffit/ fascias and overhangs.

Product range:

  • Ashjack propped rafter system.
  • Ashjack curved rafter system.
  • Ashjack lightweight spanning truss system.

Features and benefits:

  • Provides a permanent solution to flat roof failure.
  • Can accommodate a variety of roof pitches.
  • Can support both modern and traditional over-cladding systems.
  • Systems individually designed and tailored to suit structural requirements.
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio,
  • Cost-effective – can be designed to fit almost any budget.
  • Minimum disruption to building occupants.
  • Dramatically upgrades building aesthetics.
  • Provides opportunity to upgrade thermal performance.
  • Life of building considerably extended, and future maintenance costs reduced.
  • Ideal for new build projects; provides a lightweight alternative to timber trusses or heavy hot rolled steel sections.
  • Insurance backed latent defects warranty available.
  • BBA and LANTAC approvals.

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Ashjack propped rafter system

Ashjack curved rafter system

Ashjack lightweight spanning truss system

Third party certifications

BBA Agrément Certificate