Artisan folding door

Artisan folding door

Capral Aluminium

The Artisan aluminium folding door incorporates a technologically advanced folding door system that surpasses that of ordinary aluminium folding doors.

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Residential and commerical use.


Using Effortless Motion Technology (EMT), Artisan simply leaves other bi-folds in the shade. They move and feel like no other, smooth and responsive. It’s no wonder then that Artisan EMT bi-folds are turning up on more and more prestige residential and commercial building projects all over Australia.

It’s not just about EMT though. Artisan also incorporates Capral’s AGS ‘smart hinge’ and ‘Easy Gliding’ channel to make Artisan quietly the best and smoothest door on the market. Designed and tested to comply with Australian Standard AS2047, Artisan folding doors will open up an almost limitless range of possibilities for efficient and flexible use of floor space allowing home and commercial environments to function at peak performance.

With slim lines, various sill options and panel configurations, plus a variety of popular colours suitable for domestic and the high demands of commercial applications, and any traditional or contemporary décor, makes Artisan the ideal choice for homeowners, builders, designers and architects alike.

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_59_24_81 Sliding folding doorsets

Specification data - Sliding folding doorsets Enhanced data


To AS 2047.


Height: 3000 mm. Width: 1000 mm. Panel Weight: 100 kg.


Option 1: 101.6 x 29 Flat sill.

option 2: 101.6 x 45 Std Sill.

Option 3: 101.6 x 57 HP Sill.


Single Glazed: 4mm -12 mm

Thick Glazed: 14 mm - 18 mm

Double Glazed: 19 mm - 31 mm

Acoustic data

Rw (C;Ctr) 36

Fire performance:



SLS (pa): 3000. ULS (Pa): 8000. Water (Pa): 450.