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Argus HSB Sensor Barriers and HSG Speed Gates
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Argus HSB Sensor Barriers and HSG Speed Gates

HSB-E01 Half-height speed gates

dormakaba UK Ltd Variant:

Sliding and swinging security gates.

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  • Entrance foyers.
  • Restricted access areas such as laboratories.
  • Medium security applications.
  • Regulated high flow rate applications.


Sensor-controlled passage with automatic door elements in various versions. They provide for convenient contactless passage, even with bags or luggage. The doors close again immediately once the person has passed through, preventing unauthorized passage. Depending on the way the door leaves open, the HSB (half-height sensor barriers) or the HSG (half-height speed gates) production lines can be selected.

Features and benefits:

  • High passage frequency and optimum personal protection.
  • Convenient, direct passage, even with luggage.
  • Attractive, functional stainless steel housing.
  • Range of models and styles to suit varying applications.
  • Swing door height options (900-1800 mm) to suit application security requirements.
  • Acoustic alarm in the event of unauthorised use.

Argus HSB half-height sensor barriers:

HSB half-height speed barriers equipped with fast operating swing doors allowing for high flow rates through the barriers and can be configured individually thanks to the wide range of materials and finishes. Stainless steel housing or transparent glass side walls are available to match the design of the entrance area. Nine standard models and styles are available with some featuring three different lengths of unit with various numbers of sensors, offering different levels of security. Standard and accessible width lanes available across the range. Standard Door heights range from 900, 1200, 1600 and 1800 mm depending on model.

Argus HSG half-height speed gates:

HSG half-height speed gates are equipped with different heights of sliding doors. Further features include high-grade sensors and solid stainless steel housing. When a person passes through the unit, the sliding panels move rapidly into the housing, permitting high frequency of passage.

Additional versions with an increased passage width (for HSB) or automatic swing doors matched to the design (for HSG) provide a barrier-free solution.

General information






Stainless steel



h x l x w

1020 x 2050 x 1240 mm

HSB-E01: Half-height speed gates.

1020 x 1760 x 1050 mm

HSB-E02: Half-height sensor barriers.

1020 x 2050 x 1050 mm

HSB-E04: Half-height sensor barriers.

945 x 1660 x 1070 mm

HSB-E07: Half-height sensor barriers with glass side panels.

945 x 2010 x 1070 mm

HSB-E08: Half-height sensor barriers with glass side panels.

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Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/490 Automatic doors

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles Enhanced data

Turnstile type

Swing doors.




30 people/min.

One-way capacity.

Power supply

110–230 V a.c.

Power consumption

17 VA.

Standby power consumption.


  • Power assisted motion; two servo-positioning drives/ electrically controlled in both directions.
  • Sliding and swinging security lanes.

Powered speed gates.


Open or closed.


Stainless steel AISI 304 and toughened glass.


h x l x w

1020 x 2050 x 1240 mm.


50/60 Hz.

Digital objects

Platform Compatible Version Certified to



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Argus Sensor Barriers and Gates

Argus Sensor Barriers and Gates

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