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Suitable for use in commercial projects. Not suitable for outdoor installation.


The modules are clearly designed with straight lines and geometrical corner radii. Two slim structures form one symmetrical unit with polycarbonate or glass doors. The contemporary monoblock design of Argus makes many variations possible with seamlessly integrated technology.

Features and benefits:

  • Variable passage width - The barrier-free 915 mm passage for wheelchair users, groups or material transports can be reduced to a standard 650 mm by adjusting the door opening angle, if required.
  • Taller door leaf - For a greater level of security, doors with a 1800 mm upper edge height can be used. With an optional extended drive column as an additional security barrier.
  • User-optimised scanner integration - The subtly concealed scanner defines the action area with an illuminated icon. The prevalent RFID scanner formats can be fitted easily. 
  • Discreet ambient lighting - With Argus 60 and 80, the light design adds a refined finish to the interlock and its surroundings. Optional green or red illuminated elements can be used to indicate operating states.
  • Smart emergency exit and escape route - The system’s locking unit can be released in an emergency. The door leaves can be brought to the open position.
  • Secure separation sensors - The sensors in the Argus 40 are positioned efficiently in the leg area. With Argus 60 and 80, an additional, vertical sensor strip is installed, which achieves better recognition of subsequent, unauthorized people and also detects entry from the wrong direction. Likewise, the passage is thus limited to exactly one individual person even for people walking through with suitcases or for wheelchair users.
  • Efficient fixing type - The interlock is secured to the ground with dowels. Alternatively, it can be secured to a pre-installed substructure. When there is underfloor heating, the system can be bonded to the floor with an additional panel.

General information











Lengths from 1200 mm up to 1650 mm. Door heights from 990 mm up to 1800 mm.



Pr_30_59_34_88 Stainless steel half-height turnstilesPrimary


L20/60 Doors

L20/490 Automatic doors

Specification data - Stainless steel half-height turnstiles Enhanced data

Turnstile type

Motorised flap leaf.



Control unit



Consult manufactuer's literature for details.

Argus Standard Digital Silver.

Argus Standard Corporate Satin.

Argus Collection True White.

Argus Collection Deep Black.

Argus Collection Vector Edge.

Argus Collection Core Steel.

Argus Collection Organic Sand.


Insert requirements.


Single system.

Twin system.

Triple system.

Quadruple system.

Multiple system.


1200 mm.

Drive unit height

850 mm.

To match door leaf height.

Drive unit increases to same upper edge as door leaf.

Door leafs

Polycarbonate, upper edge 990 mm.

10 mm polycarbonate, upper edge 1200 mm.

10 mm ESG, upper edge 1400 mm.

10 mm ESG, upper edge 1600 mm

10 mm ESG, upper edge 1800 mm.

Clear passage width

650 mm.

900 mm.

915 mm.

Power supply

100–240 V a.c., 50/60 Hz, 300 VA.


(Scanner installation)

Flush-mounted socket in the hand rail for on-site installation.

Universal concealed scanner installation behind ESG 6 mm with RFID symbol.

150 x 90 x 30 mm (L x W x H).

Preparation for a surface-mounted scanner attachment in the vertical surface

For example, for wheelchair users (height 850 mm).

Emergency release

Not required.

STV-ETS module for activation of emergency exits and escape routes.


(User guidance)

Illuminated RFID icon in white, red and green.


Sensors in horizontal configuration in leg area.

Sensors in horizontal configuration in leg area and separation sensor in hip area (Security Level 1.5).

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