Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty


Produced from carefully blended oils and calcium carbonate fillers, Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty is designed for the face glazing of primed soft and hard wood and for steel frame windows. Protective treatment with a paint system and regular subsequent maintenance is essential to the long term performance of the putty.

Recommended for face glazing of primed softwood, hardwood frames and steel frames. Softwood and hardwood frames should be primed with a suitable primer to BS 7956. Primed and galvanized steel may be glazed without any further treatment. Maximum recommended fillet size 30 x 13 mm. Not recommended for use with laminated glass or flush edged double glazed units.

Recommended accessories:

  • Arbo Cleaner No. 17 (Xylene based – not suitable for use with plastics or delicate finishes).
  • Arbo Cleaner No. 16 (Alcohol based).

General information

Uniclass 2015

Pr_30_31_68_51 Metal casement puttiesPrimary


L40/210 Putty-fronted single-glazing

L40/40 Putty-fronted single-glazing

Specification data - Metal casement putties

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Arbolite Dual Purpose Putty

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Technical data:

  • Application temperature: 5–30ºC.
  • Painting: Paint within three months of application after the putty has sufficiently skinned over and firmed up to accept the paint finish. Both undercoat and final paint coats must be applied within this three month period.
  • Service life: 20 years+ when applied in accordance with established best practice and with regular maintenance of the paint finish.

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