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Aqua-Chek Water Repellent


A blend of alkylpolysiloxane in an aqueous dispersion of hydrophobic substances. Aqua-Chek can be used on a wide variety of porous building materials to impart water repellency. Resistant to alkaline attack making it particularly suitable for use on fresh concrete, but has little effect on the water vapour permeability of substrates, thus allowing the wall to breathe.

Supplied as a concentrate for dilution with water prior to use. Aqua-Chek has zero volatile organic compounds (VOC).

Benefits over conventional solvent based water repellents:

  • Contains no solvent.
  • Pronounced beading effect lasts for years, not months.
  • Virtually no change in surface appearance. Solvent based products can darken masonry.

Use and preparation:

  • Dilution 1:2 Sovereign Aqua-Chek to fresh clean water, always add Sovereign Aqua-Chek to water, never add the other way round, makes 15 litres.
  • It is recommended that Sovereign Masonry Sterilising Wash is used on old masonry and allowed to dry, prior to application.

General information


5 litres


Pr_35_31_22_96 Water-based masonry paintsPrimary


M60/170 Masonry coating

Specification data - Water-based masonry paints

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Aqua-Chek Water Repellent

Standard product features


Aqua-Chek is a milky white emulsion, but dries clear on masonry.


5 litres.


2 - 4 m² per litre.