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Alumasc Apex Heritage Cast Iron offers a range of round and square pipework with associated fittings and accessories. The Apex Heritage range also includes four traditional gutter profiles from stock to provide a complete rainwater system solution for traditional contracts.

Apex Heritage traditional cast iron socketed round rainwater pipes are available in a choice of three pipe diameters and two pipe lengths. There is a comprehensive range of cast iron fittings, and traditional holderbat and earbelt fixings. Cast iron rainwater heads are also available to suit.


  • Pipes: Pipes are normally supplied with ears. Where ears are not required suffix '/NE' should be included in the product reference.
  • Fittings: Fittings are normally supplied without ears. The position of ears on asymmetric fittings depends on the arrangement of pipework, e.g. bends may be fixed as front, back, right hand or left hand bends, and the position of ears varies accordingly. Consult the manufacturer before specifying fittings with ears.

General information

Red oxide primer


Sand cast iron

Uniclass 2015 Cast iron drainage pipes and fittings (Pr_65_52_03_12)
Specification data
Product Reference

Apex Heritage 75 mm cast iron socketed round pipework

System colour/ finish

Red oxide


P30/3FT, length 914 mm, with ears

P30/3FT/NE, length 914 mm, without ears

P30/6FT, length 1830 mm, with ears

P30/6FT/NE, length 1830 mm, without ears

P30 pipes with ears

P30 pipes without ears

As drawing ___

Fittings -

Not required

P30/B/92, 92.5° bend, without ears

P30/B/112, 112.5° bend, without ears

P30/B/135, 135° bend, without ears

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___


Not required

P30/BR/92 , 92.5° branch, without ears

P30/BR/112 , 112.5° branch, without ears

P30/BR/135 , 135° branch, without ears

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___

Access pipe

Not required

P30/AP, without ears

As drawing ___

Offset (112.5°, one piece)

Not required

P30/OF/03, 76 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/04, 114 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/06, 152 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/09, 229 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/12, 306 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/15, 381 mm offset, without ears

P30/OF/18, 457 mm offset, without ears

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___


Not required

P30/SH, regular shoe, without ears

P30/SH/A, anti-splash shoe, without ears

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___

Rainwater head

Not required

HH/001/30F, flat back hopper

HH/001/30C, corner hopper

HH/002/30, rectangular hopper

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___

Holderbatts and earbelts

Contractor's choice

As drawing ___

Standard product features


Sand cast iron.



  • Nominal: 75 mm.
  • External: 82.5 mm.
  • Internal: 70 mm.
  • Wall thickness: 3 mm.


Red oxide primer.

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