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Anti-Ligature Double Swing Aluminium Hinge Solution

Combines Intastop’s Double Swing Hinge, Removable Doorstop and Concealed Door Closer and is ideal for doors that need to swing 180°. A unique patented anti-barricade package that offers quick opening in emergency situations. It provides an ideal solution for busy corridor doors which are exposed to impact damage and toilet/ shower room doors where there is a risk of barricade or patients collapsing in the room. It is designed for 44 mm doors, for high impact areas and heavy doors up to 160 kg; for doors greater than 44 mm an additional packer piece is available, which allows the hinge to fully open 90º in both directions.

Concealed closer:

Mental health has special dispensation which states a closer can be exempt on fire doors to bedrooms in mental health accommodation (HTm05-2). Intastop are now able to give end users the choice. The patented Double Swing Hinge works with a concealed floor or frame mounted closer meaning there is the option which combines both reduced ligature and the possibility for a closer for bedrooms in mental health applications. This anti-ligature closer has a closing force size 3–6 and is suitable for leaf widths up to 1100 mm. The closing speed and latching action is adjustable and comes complete with a safety valve to prevent deliberate overloading. It has a closing range from approximately 180° and is CE approved in accordance with EN 1154 and Certifire approved in accordance with EN 1634-1.

Improved acoustic performance:

For improved acoustic performance a Full Mortice Automatic Door Bottom is available to suit the Double Swing Hinge.


  • Swings 90°.
  • Fire tested to European Standard EN 1634-1 2000 to 30 minutes.
  • Sight proof design (no gaps in hinge).
  • Achieved severe duty impact rating DD171.
  • Performance tested to European Standard BS EN 1935.
  • Tested to DHF TS 001:2013 B4 (0.5 mm wire test).


  • Gives patient privacy by removing usual gap between the door and frame.
  • Helps reduce the risk of patient suicide.
  • Reduces maintenance and lifecycle costs.
  • Light and easy to use for patients that are infirm or elderly.

Disclaimer: Please note that Intastop offers a range of measures designed to reduce the risk of self-harm or suicide, and does not offer any guarantee that it will not take place. The solutions have been designed as a deterrent only.

General information

Swings 90°

Fire tested to European Standard EN 1634-1 2000 to 30 minutes

Sight proof design (no gaps in hinge)

Achieved severe duty impact rating DD171

Performance tested to European Standard BS EN 1935

Tested to DHF TS 001:2013 B4 (0.5 mm wire test)


Satin anodized aluminium (SAA)

Uniclass 2015
Pr_30_36_36_17 Cranked hingesPrimary

L20/410 Wood doorsets

L20/420 Wood doorsets

L20/430 Wood doorsets

L20/480 Doorsets

L20/55 Doorsets

P21/320 Door hinges

P21/8 Door hinges

Specification data - Cranked hinges
Product Reference

HDS-01-AA-AL-SS Double Swing Hinge with Smoke Seal Anti-Ligature

44 mm door.


2100 mm

2400 mm


Not required

Required, HDS-01-PACKER

Sapele packer for doors greater than 44 mm.

Standard product features


Satin anodized aluminium (SAA).

Product Options

Additional components:

  • IDC-01-AA concealed floor mounted door closer.
  • IDC-01-AA-INVERSE concealed frame mounted door closer.

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