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Anomatch - Powder coating

Anomatch architectural powders have been specially designed to represent architectural anodising on both aluminium and galvanized steel. They are unique to Powdertech. Anomatch creates a finish that enhances the metal with a lustrous sheen.

Anodised aluminium has a reputation for its 'living' quality, with a natural metallic radiance. Anomatch creates the same effect with additional benefits.

  • A faster turn around and lower cost that anodising.
  • No need to use expensive high grade aluminium.
  • A homogenous finish across different metal batches and joined sections.
  • Steel can be chosen for its strength - and coated to appear anodised.
  • Qualicoat class 1 or class 2 approved.
  • Conform to ISO 12206.

General information


Smooth metallic finish, matt




Good weather resistance, good mechanical properties, can be drilled, cut , and sawn without fracturing the coating, does not require anodising quality, aluminium


For c2 and c3 environments: 25 year warranty for gloss, colour and adhesion, for, c4 and c5I & c5M environments: guarantees are conditional on project location,, environmental conditions and pre-contract approval

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