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AnconOptima Standard Masonry Support

AnconOptima Standard Masonry Support

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AnconOptima is a standard masonry support system comprising brackets, angles with pre-marked fixing zones and locking wedges.

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  • Designed to support a masonry load of up to 10 kN, 12 kN and 14 kN.
  • 'W' profile austenitic stainless steel angle section.
  • Interchangeable brackets to suit cavity variations between 60 and 150 mm in 5 mm increments.
  • Shims are available to provide fine adjustment where required.
  • Supplied with locking wedges, ensuring correct contact between angles and brackets.

General information


Austenitic stainless steel, Grade 1.4301 (304)

Uniclass 2015

Pr_20_85_03_50 Masonry angle supportsPrimary


F30/260 Angle supports

F30/265 Support system

Specification data - Masonry angle supports

Product Reference

AnconOptima 10 Support System

AnconOptima 12 Support System

AnconOptima 14 Support System


FBNII 12/30 A4 single expansion bolt

FAZII 12/50 A4 high performance bolt

M12 set screws

M12 Steelgrip



Thermal break, BK03-135

Standard product features


Austenitic stainless steel, Grade 1.4301 (304).

Product Options

Product reference:

- Ancon Optima 10 Support system:

  • Length: 990 mm long x 4 mm thick.
  • Suitable for masonry loads up to10 kN/m.

- Ancon Optima 12 Support system:

  • Length: 990 mm long x 5 mm thick.
  • Suitable for masonry loads up to12 kN/m.

- Ancon Optima 14 Support system:

  • Length: 790 mm long x 5 mm thick.
  • Suitable for masonry loads up to14 kN/m.


- Thermal break (prevents bi-metallic corrosion):

Shaped like a standard Ancon key-hole shim, thermal breaks are designed to locate quickly and easily between the support bracket and the structural frame. They are manufactured from a durable fibre-reinforced thermoset plastic, which has a thermal conductivity of just 0.3W/ mK.

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  • CE Marked: to BS EN 1090-1
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